St Paul's College Newsletter Issue 6
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Confortare Esto Vir

Why should we be bothered with it?  
" We stand on the shoulders of those before us"

There are many statements about the importance of History in any organisation or school. After all if we forget the past we are doomed to repeat  its mistakes going into the future.

It has been said that the favorite tool of the Taliban and ISIS in maintaining control over any  population, is to remove any historical monuments, art statues and documents in order to impose their own form of control. Since there is no recorded past they make up new ideologies.

St Paul's College with a legacy of 61 years has a very proud history. It is even prouder if one takes into account the education offered on this site since 1903.

Unfortunately not much has been written down about the events or the people who have built up this educational site.There has been a history of Sacred Heart College from 1903-1954. But no compiled history of St Paul's from 1955 to the present day

There has been no year book of the college for the last 8 years. 

The naming of buildings have been reduced to the Richmond Road block or the brown block at right angles to the Richmond road block.!

So what can we do to package the history of St Paul's college?

1.    A annual year book committee from the staff has been formed and will            record the people and events from 2016. This will be put out at the end            of 2016 and we will be asking all families, as stakeholders, to buy a copy        in term 4

2.     We will start to name Classroom buildings with a sense of place. In 2016         we will name the Richmond Rd Block ..the FOURVIERE BLOCK in                       recognition of the 200th year of the founding of the Marist order. It was         in 816 that St Marcellin Champagnat along with several others took the           vow to form the Marist order. 200 years later the boys at St Paul's                     College are the beneficiary of that vow .

3.     We will start to name the individual classrooms after many of the                     teaching Brothers who taught at St Pauls. We recognize in a personal               way some of the names of the brothers who established the                               learning culture on Richmond Road.

4.      We have restored the honours boards with the names of captains of                different sporting codes

5.     We need to find a place for the many photos of past old boys and their             achievements at the college. At present the photos are sitting ready to             be put onto the college walls.

6.     We need to find a way to make history a compulsory subject for all boys         within the college curriculum  Especially NZ history.

7.     The old boys community are very positive about their school and want to          contribute through various college functions.

We should be bothered with History because it is about our future.

St Paul's College has very good bones which have been built up by our ancestors. We need to celebrate those bones.
Nothing less is an injustice to our present young men.

History of our place brings pride into our community.Something money cannot buy.

A very positive fortnight into term 2 from boys who are working well in classrooms.

In His Peace 
K.F. Fouhy

St Marcellin Champagnat Day Mass
As a school we will be celebrating the Feast of St Marcellin Champagnat
on Thursday 2nd June with Mass at the Cathedral. 
A pie and a movie to follow for staff and boys 
Details to follow! 



After a busy term it was exciting to see so many of our students gaining meaningful credits towards their NCEA certificates. Most subjects have completed one assessment at each year level which have been loaded into the school system. Students and parents can view student records of learning by logging onto the school Family Connections portal. It is important that parents talk to their son about their achievement using 20 credits a term as an indication for NCEA success. By the end of term 2 all students should have accumulated 40 credits towards their NCEA achievement.

Junior students have also been working hard towards assessment success with the expectation that all students in year 7 - 10 have completed at least one assessment in each subject by week 2 of term 2. These will also be available for viewing on the school's Family Connection portal. 

On the last week on term 1 we recognized students that achieved NCEA credits in year 10 that are now contributing towards their NCEA level 1 certificates. Outstanding achievement awards were given to students that received over 15 credits in 2015. We look forward to seeing their progress as the year continues with all students capable of achieving subject and certificate endorsements if they continue to work hard and focus on their achievement. 


2015 Year 10 Award Winners
Mesui Taufa 15 NCEA level 1 Credits
Christian Tuipulotu 16 NCEA level 1 Credits
Solomon Tatu 16 NCEA level 1 Credits
Alexander Schaumkel 16 NCEA level 1 Credits
Kyril Leygo 16 NCEA level 1 Credits
Maikeli Latu 16 NCEA level 1 Credits
Star To’a 18 NCEA level 1 Credits
Morgan Angi 18 NCEA level 1 Credits
Toma Futi 19 NCEA level 1 Credits



Raechelle Taulu
Deputy Head (Curriculum)



We have appointed a new Dean to the Pastoral Team, Mr Brett McMurdoch. He picks a newly created role specifically focused on learning behaviour in the classroom. I look forward to outlining his work and results throughout the year. Two questions to reflect and discuss with your son :

  • Does your son have the correct books, pens, calculator and other equipment required to participate fully in every lesson ? If not, why not ?
  • Is your son behaving in a way that allows classroom teachers to spend the maximum amount of time on teaching and learning ? There can be no tolerance of behaviour which stops your son, or others, from learning. To achieve more Merit and Excellence this needs to improve.

All Year 11-13 students should now be in blazers. If you son is not correctly dressed please could you arrange for this to happen. The Senior Dean, Mr Bickford, does have access to a small number of vouchers which can be used to assist families who may require some help meeting the cost of this. Please note there will be a significant demand for second hand blazers and the College will definitely be running a buy back scheme at the end of the each year.

Vests are not part of the uniform and must not be worn at any time.

Jackets – Years 7-10 
After feedback from families it has been agreed that for Jackets may be worn as rain protection over the top of jerseys until the end of the year. They cannot be worn instead of jerseys. 

Currently attendance across the College is 90%. There is about 8% justified absence due to illness. Please do the best by your son and ensure he is at school every day, on time. The first bell goes at 8:40am. Students who are not meeting requirements are being removed from all activities outside the classroom to minimize the impact on their learning and set good habits as they prepare for employment in the future. Your son’s attendance can be checked by checking the Family Connections site at

Well done to the following students who are all on 100% attendance for 2016.

Year 7 -10
Year 11-13
Christopher Finekifolau          7&8MW
Denzel Seuala                            7&8MW
Jessiah Tanoa'i                          7&8MW
Johanas Smith                           7&8MW
Justin Baekdal                           7&8MW
Misinale Fehoko                         7&8MW
Maua Fialelei Tuigamala             9JC
Pulefou Pritchard                          9JC
Tyreese Savea                                9JC

Malakai Lolohea Saiti                 11BM
Alexander Schaumkel                  11EL
Davidnadine Falenoa                   11EL
Kyril Leygo                                      11EL
Vivela Fusitu'a                               11EL
Lennox Tasefa                               11GS
Morgan Angi                                   11GS
Kailala Rass                                    12BH
Soane Tai                                        13MM
TyAaron Leniu                               13MM
Jirah Momoisea                             13PM

Being “Men of Courage” means doing the right things all day, every day. Parents of students who use the South Bus need to remind their sons about respecting others property as damage to seats has occurred. This reflects badly on the College and those responsible will be faced with replacement costs and removal from the Bus. 

Laurence Caltaux
Deputy Head (Pastoral)


On Monday May 9th, TyAaron Leniu, and Fred Tupou attended the Auckland Rotary Club Luncheon for Outward Bound at the Stanford Plaza with Mr Lawry.
Also attending was Jiavra Cohen from Auckland Girls Grammar School.  These three students had attended Outward Bound last year and were giving a talk to the Luncheon about their experiences.
All three students spoke very well and explained how going to the South Island and meeting new people and trying new things had been a "life changing experience."

From left to right: Fred Tupou, Mr Stewart Germann (President of Auckland Rotary), Jiavra Cohen (AGGS), TyAaron Leniu


The year 7 & 8 music class are singing out at The Salvation Army, New Lynn’s Women's Ministries programme on the 25th May 2016. This young, whole-class choir will represent St. Paul’s College well in the wider Christian community next week.

The New Zealand Choral Festival’s ‘The Big Sing’ is nearly upon us and as the school choir, ‘P.O.E.T. (Paulo One Eight Three)’ continues to train, we welcome Taka Vuni on board to assist with the musical direction of this talented group of young men as they prepare for June’s competition.   

St. Paul’s College was represented on the Adam and Eve Show on TV2 by Selevasio Tuima after his year 9 vocal performance went viral on the school’s facebook page.

He was flown to Christchurch, with his vocal coach, Nainz and performed extremely well, doing us all proud! 


Glen Stanbridge
Director of Music



Winter is finally upon us and with that, our Union, League and Basketball teams are all under way.

Our U15 and Senior basketball teams had a successful start the season. The U15s tipped things off on Wednesday night at home with a 58-22 win over Auckland Grammar, outstanding efforts from Anthony Samuela, Samisoni Havea and the multi talented Daniel Smith.

Not be to outdone, our Senior basketball team put 83 points on Glendowie college, winning their game by 56 points! Code captain Jacob Smith was player of the day. Jacob is also captain of the 1st XI cricket team, a true all rounder and an asset to the college.

Rugby League is under way with St Paul's entering 3 teams this year; our 1st XIII team have done it tough over the first few weeks of competition fielding one of the youngest teams in memory. A well earned 6 point victory over Southern Cross in week 1 and an 18 all draw with Tamaki college in week 2. The 1st XIII has been working very hard at training and off the field to be successful not only in 2016, but for many years to come.

I'm very confident the efforts of both coaching staff and players will pay off in the future.

Our Senior A/Reserves team is a new concept, rather than entering an U85kg team - we've opted for 2 senior teams, the 1st XIII and reserve grade, which can feed 1st XIII throughout the season. This is due to the abundance of talent we have at senior level, well reflected in their 1st up win 44-0 over Henderson High school. A great defensive effort from a very determined team, excellent work gentlemen!

The 1st XV and U15 Rugby union teams are 2 weeks into their respective competitions. In week 1, the 1st XV were dealt a loss by a strong Tamaki college, however a week is a long time in Rugby and it showed with a 19-11 victory over a very slick Howick college team. Captain Jirah Moimosea continues to stake a claim for best all-rounder in 2016 with consistent performances across both winter codes, complementing his efforts in the classroom and summer sport teams.

The U15 rugby union team has started their season slowly but gathered some real momentum with a 12-7 loss at the hands of Auckland Grammar. This team continues to work hard and has shown huge improvement in a very short time. Keep an eye on captain Ezekiel Sio, a hard working cross code athlete who's efforts on the field are also replicated in the classroom - Ezekiel is showing that he will be a leader for many years to come.

Cross code athlete Raymond Pua                           Willie Tuaine climbs high above the  Rugby Union
is too fast for Howick Defenders                                 Line out for U15

Dave McDermott
Director of Sport
As part of our soft Materials Tech in Term 2, the Yr 7/8 group will be  developing sewing skills in a variety of projects including: qualifying for our Sewing Machine Driver Licence, repairing prayer table cloths and creating a Gym bag for sports gear.
Faavae Mikato and Enelee Paul 
demonstrate their skill and love for mum at the same time!

Nominations have now closed for the 5 Parent representative and 1 Staff Representative positions to the Board of Trustees.

Information is available on Home page of the St Paul's College website under Latest News:

On July the 1st the Level 3 Sports science class will be competing in the Secondary Schools Tough Guy & Gal Challenge at Woodhill Forest. Students are hard at work preparing for the 6km event which will test students mental as well as physical fitness. Students will have the opportunity to gain NCEA credits from this event and look to better the outstanding results gained in 2015.

The Year 13 Sports Leadership class will begin coaching sessions at Richmond Road Primary School with Year 5 & 6 students. Their focus will be on developing introductory skills for Football and Rugby which they hope to promote greater interest and enjoyment over the next couple of weeks.
The Year 7 & 8 PE students have been involved with Auckland Rugby this term developing their knowledge and skills involved with the sport. Those students that are able to demonstrate good skills, knowledge of the game and positive team spirit will be selected to compete in the annual Central Zone tournament in week 6

Christina Strickland
HOD PE and Health

St Paul’s College has a medical doctor who comes to the school once a week on a Wednesday morning to see students who may not have the time to see their own family doctor.
It is a free service
All the student needs to do, is see the school nurse by the end of the day on Tuesday and I can arrange an appointment time for Wednesday morning.

As it is cough and cold season, so too is it the season where sore throats are more prevalent.
Sometimes the bacteria that causes the sore throat, can cause Rheumatic Fever and lead to damage of the heart.
This can be prevented by prompt diagnosis of a streptococcal (the problem bug) throat infection and treated with antibiotics.
The school nurse can do the simple test for these bacteria and can also supply the needed antibiotics.

There are also free sore throat clinics around New Zealand if you or any members of your family qualify for these (see the website)

The Ministry of Health have a list of sore throat clinics right through the country. Follow the link for one closest to you. 

You can also call Health line on 0800 611 116 to find a sore throat clinic near you.

Maria Van den Berg
- leaving home too early to have breakfast? 
- Join us for a FREE breakfast
- Wed & Fri 8.10am - 8.40am  (Tuckshop)
- For queries, see the school nurse Mrs. Van Den Berg (09) 376 1287 ext 222


University of Auckland

28th June 2016
City Campus
Up to ten Year 13 Māori and Pacific students who show an interest in studying STEAM subjects at the University of Auckland:     
Health Sciences
You will get a chance to learn more about UOA degree programmes, talk to current students about life at University, and hear from industry experts about the difference they make in the world.
Contact Mrs Silipa for further info.
CAREERS EXPO ASB Showgrounds Greenlane

Thursday 26 May evening only & Sat 28 May
PARENTS – we recommend you make time to go along with your sons’, it will be an opportunity to gather information on various jobs/careers, helpful to make strong career goals.

University of Canterbury
Thursday 14 July
Canterbury University Update Day-Christchurch.
        Contact Mrs Silipa for further info.

Lincoln University
Friday 15 July
Lincoln University Update Day-Christchurch 
Contact Mrs Silipa for further info


If you are the first member of your family to study at university, then this scholarship is for you! Do you have a good solid academic record?
See Mrs Silipa for an information pack.
Thursday 26 May 2016
6.30pm – 7.30pm
Parent Information Evening
The Parenting Place – 300 Great South Road, Greenlane.
There is limited parking available at The Parenting Place as well as Off Street Parking.
First foundations are looking for students who are wanting to study in one of the following areas:
(any sciences including environmental, health science, med school)
(IT, Accounting, Finance etc)
(including environmental engineers)

Mt Wellington, Auckland (09) 526 6789 
6 Harrison Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland.
(09) 526 6789


 G & H Training Ltd,
Phone: 0800 – 8764664
Find out more about what G & H Training can offer you. E.g.Pre-employment carpentry & Automotive courses available.

357 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland

(09) 358 1680

Monday - Thursday:   9am - 5pm
Friday 9am: - 4pm
Saturday 9am: - 12pm


Dear Parent
You may have heard through your parish that the Diocese is currently fundraising $1 million to augment existing funds to renovate and extend the St John Vianney House for our retired priests in Ponsonby. 

As more priests retire, most at an average age of 77 years, I am increasing the number of available self-contained units at St John Vianney House from 10 to 17 to ensure that all out retured priests have somewhere to live after their long and faithful service. 

I am very grateful for the response we have received so far. If you would like more information or wish to support this cause, please visit

With blessings and grateful thanks, 
+Patrick Dunn
Bishop of Auckland


"Never be afraid of loving the Blessed Virgin too much.
You can never love her more than Jesus did"
- St. Maximillian Kolbe 

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