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March 2017

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Years 7 - 13 Catholic Champagnat Marist School for Boys

"Boys must be taught how to be Men."
(A repeat of the first Newsletter February 2016 - still relevant in March 2017)

This statement is about the active need to teach boys about being men. It is not sufficient to simply say that boys eventually become men - they must be "taught".

For 113 years, St Pauls College has had an active part in this process; of teaching boys how to be men. 

So how do Boys get taught how to become men?

1. Boys are addressed en masse as gentlemen. 

Not "lads", "boys”, "students", "guys" or simply "you". 

But Gentlemen.

This gives them status and aspiration to model their behaviour and direction in life.

Gentlemen are expected to have manners, hold themselves well and behave appropriately in all situations.

Boys need to be taught what manners are and what social respect is.

2. Boys are expected to dress well and for the occasion.

It is not sufficient to simply put on any clothes, as if to say “It doesn't matter what I wear”. Boys need to be taught how to dress well in every situation.

At St Paul's College, we have been insistent that every boy wears a tie and that all 11-13 boys wear a blazer to all classes at school.

Teachers appreciate well-dressed students. Boys appreciate the positive comments they receive about their dress.  Boys are more settled and are more serious students in their classrooms.

3. Boys need to be well qualified.

Every boy should leave St Paul's College with University Entrance in year 13 as a minimum. Gone are the days when anyone could get a job with little or no qualifications.

At St Paul's College, the curriculum is geared to ensure that boys leave with UE as their basic qualification.

Boys must be taught how to be a student, how to learn.

Boys need to be taught the importance of deadlines for work.
"My prayer is that St Paul’s gentlemen become strong men with these qualities"

4. Boys need to control impulsivity and to delay gratification.

Parents and teachers need to be constantly vigilant about this basic message

Boy’s statement: "I am hungry." 
Parent’s response: "Wait until dinner."

Boys need to learn to put their hand up in the classroom and not call out.

Boys need to learn the five second rule of waiting before making any decision

Boys need to learn that they may be angry but NEVER violent in words or action.

5. Boys need to express themselves.

Boys need to be taught how to communicate, not be allowed to be grunters, how to introduce speakers, to have courage in speaking before others.

They need to have an opinion, to express that opinion confidently and to communicate well with other people.

Boys need to learn appropriate communication in words, in the tone of voice and in gesture.

My prayer is that St Paul’s gentlemen become strong men with these qualities.

In His peace. 

K.F. Fouhy



St Paul's College has a new Year 11 Health Science Academy. It has been designed to give young men interested in Science based careers, the opportunity to immerse themselves in Scientific learning.

Year 11 Students identified as being gifted in Science and Mathematics, will participate in 10 hours a week of Science classes learning Physics, Chemistry and Biology over a three year period. Students will get the opportunity to experience the application of science in the real world; visiting Hospitals, meeting with Science Research and Development teams and even meeting real life Forensic Scientists!

The long term outcome is that our St Paul's men will be ready for the National Scholarship Exams at the end of this academic programme and have the option to go onto higher learning in the Science world.

On the 21st February we celebrated our NCEA Academic Achievers from 2016. Students who received course endorsement in specific subject and overall certificate endorsement were recognised by the school with certificates and the awarding of academic badges. Thank you to Pat Mclaughlan a St Paul’s College old boy who returned to talk to all of our students about his journey from school to being a successful international business owner. 

Year 11 Certificate Endorsements 2016

Lennox Ahotolu-Tasefa Certificate Endorsed with Merit
Daetyn Tanuvasa Certificate Endorsed with Merit
Liekina Litolo Certificate Endorsed with Merit
Kyril Leygo Certificate Endorsed with Merit
Solomon Tatu Certificate Endorsed with Merit
Morgan Angi Certificate Endorsed with Merit
Star To’a Certificate Endorsed with Merit
Christian Tuipulotu Certificate Endorsed with Excellence

Year 12 Certificate Endorsements 2016

Sione Lolo Certificate Endorsed with Merit
Joshua Morris Certificate Endorsed with Merit
Andrew Kolomatangi Certificate Endorsed with Merit
Samuel Tofa-Timoteo Certificate Endorsed with Merit
Anthony Vitale Certificate Endorsed with Merit
Tevita Uilou Certificate Endorsed with Excellence

Year 13 Certificate Endorsements

Raymond Pua Certificate Endorsed with Merit
Jirah Momoisea Certificate Endorsed with Merit
John Canlas Certificate Endorsed with Merit
Penisimani Lolohea Certificate Endorsed with Merit
Carlo Maniquis Certificate Endorsed with Excellence
Kolo Akakuola Certificate Endorsed with Excellence
TyAaron Leniu Certificate Endorsed with Excellence

Thank you to all families that have sent their sons to school with their BYOD devices. The majority of our students are now working with these devices in each of their classes. Students that are still not connected to our school BYOD network will have the opportunity to do this in the upcoming week:

Wednesday Period 1 in rooms 2-3
Friday Period 1 in rooms 2-3

After this there will not be any planned opportunities and boys will either need to pay $5 or use their own data. (4 min @ $90)

Specification for BYOD are on our school website.

Raechelle Taulu
Deputy Head (Curriculum)
Ash Wednesday is the first day of the season of Lent, which lasts for 40 days leading up to the celebration of Easter. Lent is a solemn time in our Catholic calendar.

St Paul's College's Ash Wednesday Liturgy was one of great reverence-  the ashes were blessed by Br. John (f.m.s).

The Special Character Committee placed ashes on the foreheads of all present in the shape of a cross reminding the bearer to  "Turn away from sin, and be faithful to the Gospel".


We pray that this season of Lent is fruitful, and that our hearts will turned towards the Lord.  

Pam D'Souza
(HOD) Religious Education 
Both the School Choir and Band are underway for the year. In the next couple of weeks, we will be calling for any new students interested in learning musical instruments through our Brass and Woodwind Programme.

All students who are learning instruments will need to hire or buy these directly from the music store of your choice. KBB music /The Rock Shop look after St. Paul’s very well, get in touch with Tanya or Mitch from the Epsom store and they will make sure you get the best possible deals.

A great option if purchasing an instrument is to look into ex rentals, which are well serviced and good quality. See this link for more information on Rentals
Renting instruments is a good way to try different instruments, without having to commit to buying one. KBB will take a years' hireage off the cost of the instrument if you decide to purchase after the rental period is over. 

It is better in the long run to spend a little more and get a good quality instrument which your son will enjoy playing for longer. 
       St Paul's College Band.
Instrumental lessons this year will be limited to brass and woodwind instruments. We are fortunate to have Suli Hoponoa joining the music department again this year. Suli is one of Auckland’s top brass and woodwind tutors. Guitar, Drums and Piano will be available to a limited number of students as staffing allows.
Does anyone have working musical instruments lying around?
Please consider donating them to St. Paul’s College to help provide instruments for more students? Contact me if you are able to donate or know someone who can. 

Thank you in advance for what is going to be a great year!

Mr Glenn Stanbridge
Teacher in charge of Music
Our Services Academy is doing us proud at the Waiouru Army Base.
With 5.30am starts every morning, long days of fitness, drill, hard work and plenty of NCEA credits in between, our young men have shown grit and courage.
Well done gentlemen, keep up the good work!

Our Senior Touch team is under way and have started their season with easy consecutive wins. Kobe Flavell and his team-mates haven't been tested yet, but we look forward to seeing what they are made of as the competition progresses.

The 1st XI Cricket Team has prepared well and were recently presented with their caps at assembly by Mr Fouhy. So far, the grade is a lot tougher than 2016 with Jacob Smith & Andrew Koloamatangi's team suffering a few close losses.
Cricket participation is swelling as the code gathers momentum at St Paul's, our Year 7/8s are due to compete at a cricket tournament next week and we look forward to seeing the results of their training efforts.


Our recent Athletics Day was a success with huge participation and effort especially from the juniors, we had consistent performances from Soane Kolotau and  Billy Tu'uta in particular across many events.

Year 9 Salesi Foketi excels at most sports, and placed 1st in the Shot-put for his age group at the CZ champs, hosted at Waitakere's trusts stadium. Salesi is a hard working future leader of St. Paul's, and we look forward to watching him develop on the field, and in the classroom.

The highly anticipated senior 100m final was won by Mike Williams, who is currently representing the College in Waiouru with the services academy.

Well done to all our athletes, great effort! 


Dave McDermott
Director of Sport


The Marist Brothers would like to extend an invitation to the St Paul's College community to attend a Mass of Thanksgiving celebrated by Bishop Patrick Dunn for the bicentennial of their foundation in 1817.

Venue:  St Patrick’s Cathedral, 43 Wyndham Street, Auckland.
Date:     Saturday 25 March  
Time:     4:30pm.

If you know it’s bad for you then why do you do it
This phrase was said by our special guest yesterday at our Year 10 retreat. It was held in the St Columba centre in Ponsonby. When we arrived, we were introduced to a St. Paul’s old boy, Sione Pole. He is a Former deputy head prefect and the Dux(Top academic student) of 2014. We started with a few ice breakers. We played “biggest fan” and “hype man”. This had us energised and ready to start our retreat. We entered the hall and found a seat, and started with a prayer.
Mr To’ua introduced himself and talked about how he found out about St Paul’s College. This was followed by Mr Tanielu and finally Sione Pole. Our guest speaker named Paula took over and he was a speaker from the group called Attitude. He shared about the effects of drugs and alcohol on young people. He understood that we knew about drugs and how bad they are so he came at us from a different angle and shared about why people smoke and take illegal drugs. The First reason is, peer-pressure, that’s to say, letting your friends make your choices and not making your own choices, also just trying to fit in with the crowd. Paula asked us “if you know it’s bad for you then why do you do it?” Which was a good point. Why do something bad for yourself on purpose?
Paula finished by saying “drinking and taking drugs can change your life …….but not doing any of this saves your life”.
After our break, we split into groups and learnt about the Holy gifts from God. Fear of the lord, courage, wisdom, understanding, generosity and right judgement. We had to fully understand each gift and make a skit about one. My group chose ‘courage’ and our skit was about two boys bullied for their appearance and two other guys have the courage to step in to help. We had a lot of good feedback from our fellow classmates. Then we had our 2nd break, and our last lesson about the fruits of the spirit.

I chose self-control and how I need to learn more about it and apply it to my daily life. Everyone shared their fruit and then we finished with a reflection. It was good day and I learnt so many lessons about looking after my life and making the right decisions.

Thanks to Mrs D’Souza, Mr Tanielu, Mr To’ua, Sione Pole and the Team from Attitude.

Written by Deine Mariner (Year 10)
Last Friday 24th February the Year 9’s of St Paul’s College went to a church on Vermont Street.

At the Church we had to do some activities and we played some games.
Some of those games and activities were Volleyball.

Activities – choose what fruit we wanted to be and write down why we had chosen that fruit.

We learnt more about our well being. There are four parts of it and there are four walls that make a house.  
The four well beings we had learnt are -
-  social wellbeing
-  mental wellbeing
-  physical wellbeing
-  spiritual wellbeing

A man named Paula was talking to us about what these four well beings mean.

We had to learn about fruits.

The fruits we had to learn about were the Fruit of Joy, Love, Self, Control, Kindness and more.

I enjoyed the retreat because we got to bond with the other activities and in volleyball.

Written by Justin Afoa (Year 9)

The St Paul's College Second Hand Uniform Shop can use some help with two things: 
  • Parents or whanau member who can help out for ONLY ONE HOUR A TERM.
  • Donation of quality cleaned uniform items
Quality clean uniform items can be dropped off at school reception and placed in the plastic bin labeled “Second hand uniform donations

All proceeds from your donated item goes to supporting the school and helping out other pupils. 

Please email me if you can help out in any way at all. All enquiries about the shop can be directed to Angela Calvert:
 27th Feb - 10th March Academy Camp Waiouru 
Tuesday 7th March Senior Touch 4.45pm- 5.45pm Cornwall Park
Wednesday 8th March Year 7&8 Cricket Tournament 9am Huapai Domain
Thursday 9th March College Dinner 5.30pm for ALL Boys and families
Friday 10th March Year 13 Retreat
Saturday 11th March 1st XI Cricket 8am
Monday 13th March  Fiafia night at 7pm
Monday 13th March  Board of Trustees Meeting
Monday 13th March Softball 4pm -6 pm
Tuesday 14th March Senior Touch 4.45pm- 5.45pm Cornwall Park
Wednesday 15th March  OPEN DAY 11.15am and 1.30pm
Friday 17th March Polyfest Performaces Tongan and Samoan
Saturday 18th March 1st XI Cricket 8am
Monday 20th March Softball 4pm -6 pm
Wednesday 22nd March  Year 12 Field Trip Tongariro 
Thursday 23rd March   Grandparents Day 10am Chapel
Saturday 25th March 1st XI Cricket 8am
Saturday 25th March Marist Bicentennial Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral 4.30pm
Monday 27th March Softball 4pm -6 pm
Tuesday 28th March  Report Evening (Years 7-13) 3.30pm – 7.30pm (Gym)
Thursday 30th March  1st XV Parents Meeting at 7pm.
Monday 32rd April Softball 4pm -6 pm
Thursday 13th April  Term 1 Ends 3.20pm
Friday 14th April Good Friday
"The fast of Lent has no advantage to us unless it brings about our spiritual renewal.

 Turning away from all wickedness means keeping our tongue in check, restraining our anger, avoiding all gossip, lying and swearing.

— herein lies the true value of the fast."  
St. John Chrysostom
DAYS: Monday - Friday
TIME: 7.45 am - 8.30 am

VENUE: The Science Room (R17)
  • It’s Free
  • It’s filling and nutritious
  • It will give you a great start and help you concentrate for the day            
  • Now includes fruit kindly donated by Countdown
  • Run by Senior Students
Any Questions- Contact the Nurse 09 376 1278 (ext 225)
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