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7 June 2016

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Years 7 - 13 Catholic Champagnat Marist School for Boys

Headmaster's Message


What are some RED indicators of good Learning?

It is  a well known year 9 science experiment . Pale yellow litmus paper turns red in the presence of acids. 
(pH less than 7)
The same paper will turn blue in the presence of an alkali 
(pH Greater than 7)

Litmus paper is a clear simple indicator of an acids or an Alkali.

What is not so clear are the indicators of how learning functions in a school.

So I will try some seven "litmus" learning indicators I have noticed over these last six months

1. The absence of a bullying, violent everyday culture in a school. Boys as part of growing up can get physical with each other.Parents of boys know that fact.
Boys out of the communal loop can also get physical with each other. 
In the six months of 2016 I have never had to stand down a boy for bullying or physical violence. Well done.

2. The absence of graffitti around a school. This occurs in a school when the boys ownership of a school is weak.
I struggle to find any recent graffiti at St Paul's College. Verdict:Well done.

3. The pride of the uniform is obvious with the majority of boys in the correct Blazers and ties. One can sense the ownership of the school through their dress.Verdict:Well done

4. The attendance data (daily and per period) show high levels of engagement. Our aim is 95%-100% attendance for every boy every class. At our end of year prize giving we will acknowledge those boys with 100% attendance
In these holidays we will be calling back any boy under 85% attendance rate for extra study.
As a school we are not perfect here and with parent support we will do better 

5. The preparedness for each class period by boys. This means that every boy has all the equipment, pens, calculators exercise books etc for that class and settles into the lesson within 90 seconds of entering the room.l
We have had a real crack down on this aspect of learning and boys have responded well.

6. Boys respect the routines of school and expect the rituals of life at school. This means they are running to get into assembly each morning,running from break into the class
Good everyday routines give security of learning to boys. Verdict:Getting better.
"Boys need to learn that communication is in words, both in the tone of voice and in gesture."

7. Parents attend parent teacher interviews. These gatherings are not perfect in terms of communication. Every staff member and every parent wants more time..very hard to accommodate. But it is the example shown by parents to their sons about the priority of learning is what is really important. 
If Parents care, teachers care more and boys work harder. Simple 

This is thee RED litmus test. A school is only as good as the parents support and the teacher's energy.
Last month Parent teacher interviews were 85% attendance by parents...good but still below the 100% goal.

So parents well done on a very good six months of being first educators to your sons. You have some exceptionally fine young men.They do you proud. They represent their school very well.


1. As part of the "enrol the family" strategic direction I am looking at a MOTHER'S DINNER on Thursday Sept 1st in the college hall.  Stay posted to the communication next term

2. And Men I am looking at a FATHER'S DAY MASS around the actual time of Father's Day . Stay posted to the communication next term.

3. Enrolments for 2017 in years7,8 and 9. Your willingness to speak well of your son's school is important for us all.The closing date for applications is August 1st.There will be no senior 11,12 or 13 enrolments unless there are exceptional family circumstances. Please pass the word around your families and communities.

Senior boys should still devote some time in the holidays towards studying towards their credits and exams. Being a student is not a part time job.

Enjoy the break

K.F. Fouhy

Raechelle Taulu
Deputy Head (Curriculum)
(Acceleration in Literacy Learning)

ST PAUL'S COLLEGE - What we see......

Bright happy sun tamanui-te-ra shining down on the worshipers at St Paul’s college. The birds flying past like its a romantic movie. Our classrooms (Fourviere Block) colored with maroon, blue and yellow; the colours of our school. I inhale the fresh air through my nose it fills my lungs, giving me life. Walking around my school, straight away I can see the values of our college, the pillars of St Paul’s. The weak trees stand there naked as I walked past them, while others strong and firm remind me of how long my school has been standing here. Students and the Dean marching like a general leading his soldiers into battle..........- Daniel Smith Year 8 

St Paul’s college shines bright in the middle of a concrete jungle. The students attack each day with an enormous smile. There are courts with basketball hoops, cricket areas and our world famous in New Zealand handball bases.  Our fields are like a sports battle ground, we guard our grounds with victory, showing the values we are made of! The statue of St Paul is like a secret guardian protecting our fortress from losing its balance. The library is a quiet place where students escape in the pages of thousands of books.......... - Elijah Patelesio Year 8

The sun shining upon us like an angel - it is so bright, I can feel the sun burning down on me. You can see the Fourviere block sign reminding us of the rich history, a daily reminder to us to do the right thing. 
 I can hear the birds chirping like they have just won X factor. You can see the chapel in the distance watching over our school like a silent guardian. The statue of St Paul standing still, like it has been frozen in time. This great weather is on point, it is smiling on us and rewarding us for coming to school........ Jessiah Tanoa'I Year 7

Another calm day with the hot scorching sun throwing its rays on our school, the breeze making me say "This school is extraordinary!". . The iguana green pine tree watching over the school like our care taker Barry, working 24/7 never missing a day of hard work. If you want to be a St Paul’s man you have to follow the values that hold this school high and firm like our statue of St Paul. Our Fourviere Block proudly standing strong displaying our school colours. Our huge field covered in a lush green carpet of grass, with the bleachers sitting lonely, waiting to watch yet another rugby game...... Christopher Finekifolau Year 8

Martin Willetts
Teacher in charge of Years 7 & 8

Lincoln University Update Day- Friday 15 July 
contact Mrs. Silipa for more information

University of Canterbury Update Day- Thursday 14 July
contact Mrs. Silipa for more information

FREE Learners Driver License Workshops 
Free Workshops will provide you with a better understanding of the road code and will help you to sit your learners license with greater confidence. For more information please contact Ms. Brayshaw Telephone: 09 376 1287 Ext 221 or  Mobile: 021 774 977

Nua Silipa
Position vacant - To be edited

The Catholic Diocese of Auckland wishes to employ a part-time pastoral chaplain to the Deaf and Hearing Impaired Community.  Applicants must have fluency in New Zealand Sign Language, knowledge in the Catholic faith, experience of working in both Deaf and Hearing workplace environments, the ability to communicate using a variety of media, hold a current NZ drivers licence and be willing to work flexible hours including some weekends.  To view a full position description, please visit our website   Please send applications (application form, cover letter and CV) to Leanne Kilgour by 1st August 2016.
ession and a team largely made up of rugby league players.  Whilst we didn't win a game, the young men that attended did St Paul's proud with their behaviour on and off the field.

Dave McDermott
Director of Sports

Campus Link - July Revision courses Include information 
Jonathan Social Worker intro 
Start being brave about everything. Drive out darkness and spread light, Don't look at your weaknesses.
Realise instead that in Christ crucified you can do everything.

- St Catherine of Siena
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