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Confortare Esto Vir

"RECONCILIATION...a much needed value today..."

Last year I went on a 900 km walk across Spain. It was billed as a pilgrimage with those spiritual dimensions. In reality it was a hard slog of 30kms each day - over hills, through a desert and forests and along motorways.

One of the things that was expected of everyone, was to carry a small stone from your home and at  a particular point on the Camino, throw the stone getting rid of the baggage we all carry around in our lives.

It was a powerful ritual of being reconciled with oneself.

Reconciliation as a value is really needed today. As the Catholic bishops wrote recently:
"We have to forgo our 'right' to be angry or to want revenge"
"Letting go of these 'rights' we find true joyfulness in living"

It is important for families, individuals and schools to be reconciled with each other.

And so it happened recently with another fellow Catholic school - De Lalle Salle College. Apparently in the past, going back 40 years, there have been some obstacles to friendship between the two schools. 

Strange, because both schools have so much in common - families, friends, teachers and of course a common religious tradition.

I attended one of their school assembly with our student leaders and their Head Boy presented St Paul's College with an appropriate olive tree.

Later that same week, the De Lalle Salle student leaders and Principal attended a St Paul's college assembly and presented similar gifts - an olive tree and a tapa - to St Paul's College.

Both events were extremely moving - hopefully laying to rest any antagonism with our fellow Catholic boys school.

As a school we need to remove any distractions to what the purpose of a school is...teaching and learning. That includes students who don't have a serious purpose in learning and those who don't build bridges with other schools.

It was a practical lesson about the value of reconciliation.

Congratulations to the students who went to the Shakespeare  play of Romeo and Juliet. They had to stand for 2.5 hours and were a model of self discipline. Their standard of uniform was excellent.

Another excellent fortnight.

In his peace 
K.F. Fouhy



The school has an expectation that all senior students gain 20 credits each term towards their NCEA certificates. The last two weeks of any term are critical when it comes to seniors handing in work for internal assessment. Completing work at home and good time management will give the students the best opportunity to meet these assessment deadlines.

As parents, this is a good time to talk to your son’s about their achievement and help them plan their time effectively in order to meet the expectations from themselves, their teachers and the school. Students should be using their supervised study periods to ask for extra support where needed and the library is open during break times if students need a quiet space to continue working.


This week I had the opportunity to relieve a year 11 Media class. It was great to see these young men so focused on their learning. The students all entered the class and immediately began blogging their lesson.

All of the young men confidently shared their learning and were able to complete all work that they weren’t able to finish in class time at home through the use of Google classrooms. This was a really positive experience and a great example of students taking responsibility for their own learning.

Well done gentlemen!

Raechelle Taulu
Deputy Head (Curriculum)


A reminder that all students in Year 11-13 need to be in blazers from the start of term 2. Vests and jackets are not part of the accepted uniform as advised. Also, a reminder that students in year 7-10 will be required to be in PE uniforms for PE classes from the start of term 2. We will continue to advise you as more details become available.

According to Business New Zealand, 2 of the top 10 skills employers look for are planning and organisational skills and good work habits and independence.  Quite simply, if your son arrives late to school regularly his learning is being impacted. 

As parents and as a College if we allow this, we are not setting your son up for success. Those who do the best academically and who succeed in our College sports teams are often the same students with the best attendance.  If you value education and the opportunities it brings, please insist your son is here on time every day. 

You can log on to the kamar portal and view your son’s attendance at any time. Please contact the office if you are not sure how to log in.

I read something recently that said there is no such thing as old fashioned values. Right has always been right and wrong has always been wrong. Being “Men of Courage” means doing some things all day, every day. As we say being a St Paul’s man is not a part time position! Please discuss with your son what it means to:
•    Respect their teachers
•    Use appropriate language – i.e. no swearing or mocking 
•    Never resorting to violence
•    Always being honest 
•    Not interfering with others learning
•    Being ready to learn – have equipment, be prepared, do the work, learn from mistakes

Please check the College has your correct details. You can do this using the kamar portal or by ringing the office. Do we have your right phone numbers, postal address and email? We need to be able to contact you quickly in case of an emergency.

The Learning Base lets you see a number of things about what is happening at school. You can see your son’s Timetable, Attendance, Results, Groups, Awards, Fees among other things. We are continuing to develop this area so more functions will become available. Your login is your son’s first initial and surname. Your password is available from the school office. Your son also has a login which you can use.

Laurence Caltaux
Deputy Head (Pastoral)


The newly formed Yr 7/8 Choir is well on the way practicing for many events in the coming months, they have been invited by The Salvation Army to sing at a community event in New Lynn in May. 

Matt Salapu has been mentoring the year 11 Music class with songwriting, This was part of a mentoring project in which we received 10 hours of professional music industry standard mentoring through the NZ Music Commission.


Glen Stanbridge
Director of Music



On Saturday 2 April 2016 we competed at the Blues Rugby 10s tournament, with one training session and a team largely made up of rugby league players.  Whilst we didn't win a game, the young men that attended did St Paul's proud with their behaviour on and off the field.  

They demonstrated values of COURAGE, by putting themselves out there in front of so many people and schools at North Harbour stadium at a code they are still learning; BROTHERHOOD by committing to each other and the sport giving it their best even when oppositions kept scoring.  Most importantly they demonstrated 
RESPECT to all officials, referees, and other teams present. This was evident in the way they helped up members of the other teams and patted them on the back, and accepted rulings from the officials even when they did not fully understand them. 

Special thanks to our dedicated staff Mr. Jarvis, Mr. DeBerry & Mr. Cullen for their efforts and time with the team. 

Dave McDermott
Director of Sports


On April 7, St Paul's will be hosting the central zone Kilikiti Tournament for Year 7 & 8 students. The year 13 Academy class will be organising this event as part of their course requirement. Students will be able to gain valuable experience hosting an event, and your support would be most welcome! 

The Level 2 Health class has been promoting and encouraging senior students this term to be more active during break times at school. The health class designed a week of activities for all students to participate in, this included volleyball, badminton & petanque.

The class hopes to provide further sports equipment during break times to enable more students to be active and continue to promote a healthy active environment.  

Christina Strickland
HOD PE & Health Education
UNIFORM  - Term 2
Congratulations on the high standard of Uniform worn by the men of St Paul's.
A credit to the families of the College. 

Year 11-13 
a) Blazer with College Shirt and Tie (jersey optional) 
b) Long Trousers and Black Shoes

Please note: Sandals have been stopped 
Shorts worn in Term 1 have stopped.

Year 7-10 
a) College Shirt and Tie
b) Shorts and Black shoes  (Sandals worn in Term 1 have stopped) 

Please Note: Jackets and vests have stopped.
The Uniform worn by our Seniors at the Shakespeare play Romeo & Juliet was exemplary and showed real pride by the men of St Paul's. It was commented on by teachers of other schools at the play. 


The School will be taking three groups of students to the Auckland Writers Festival over the period of 11-12th of May 2016. The cost  will be $5. Students interested in attending please contact Mrs. Hogan (Librarian) (09) 376 1287 ext 217

We are learning about the meaning and significance of the Eucharist. Today we shared a meal of "Thanksgiving" with each other. Our homework was to bring homemade sandwiches to share. We acknowledge who brought food and appreciated those who came as they are. Just like Jesus on Holy Thursday we "Shared a Meal" with friends.

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever. - 1 Chronicles 16:34
The beginning of the year has been a busy time for the leaders of our Young Vinnies group. This year we have five leaders, Jason Tevaga, Ray Ioane, Fred Tupou, Kolo Akauola and Khaylitsha Lolohea. The have been attending regular council meetings planning for the year ahead. Four of our leaders attended The Young Vinnies Leadership Camp in March that was held at Hunua.

Homelessness Retreat
When many people head away for their Easter break, our Young Vinnies spent the night of Holy Thursday on retreat building solidarity with people who are homeless. The retreat began with the Young Vinnies building shelters out of cardboard. The shelters were to be their beds for the night. The Vinnies joined the Ponsonby parish of Sacred Heart for Mass. Upon their return, they began a series of activities to develop an awareness of the plight of those who are homeless.

The students continued through the night with a liturgy where they washed each other’s feet, and kept vigil through the night. At daybreak, the Young Vinnies woke with another liturgy where they built a cross. They carried this cross from St Paul’s College to St Patrick’s Cathedral, stopping off at James Liston Hostel and Auckland City Mission. At the Cathedral, the students were joined by Monsignor Bernard Kiely for a closing liturgy and blessing. 

The Young Vinnies have committed to serve people who are homeless through term two by serving food at James Liston Hostel.

Young Vinnies Commissioning Mass
Our Young Vinnies along with all Young Vinnies in the Auckland Diocese will be formally commissioned by Bishop Patrick Dunn next Saturday evening at the Cathedral. Mass begins at 5.30pm and all are welcome.

This Thursday 7 April from  12 - 1 pm the whole school have an opportunity to see a powerful presentation by  AMPED4Life that aims to build young peoples awareness of drug use and abuse and how to make good choices. The delivery is interactive with the intention of providing the audience with a toolbox of life skills. AMPED4Life help build resiliency and self esteem of students so that they can become confident and connected citizens.
Coin donation only collected Monday - Wednesday mornings.
Thanks for your support,

Nua Silipa
Guidance Counsellor
“Never was a story of more woe, than this of Juliet and her Romeo!”
On 31 March seventy St Paul’s students along with six members of staff enjoyed a performance of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare at the Pop-Up Globe.

The Pop-Up Globe is an exact reproduction of the Globe Theatre that was built in 1613 and where some of Shakespeare’s plays were performed for the first time.

We had to stand for nearly 3 hours, just like the audiences in Shakespeare’s time (we were groundlings!) but everybody in the audience responded enthusiastically to the play. It was a unique opportunity to experience a Shakespeare performance in the same way that Shakespeare’s audience did.

The play was performed in a lively way with lots of audience interaction. Sometimes the actors came down from the stage and engaged directly with the crowd around them. This is something that we aren’t used to seeing in a conventional performance but really brought the play to life. Many of the students had recently read the play in class and were ready to experience a live performance. A lot of the students were still surprised to find how much they were affected by the story of Shakespeare’s tragic lovers when they experienced it being acted all around them.

Brenda Haybittle
HOD English
  • Our learner licence class is passing with 100% pass rate – our restricted licence pass rate is 100% - congratulations to those young men who have worked diligently to achieve their driver's licence. Please drive safely. 
  • 4 students are volunteering at Middlemore Hospital. 
  • Downer NZ – one student has completed his placement at Watercare and has moved on to Projects.
  • 8 students have commenced an Engineering Programme with Oceania Trade Academy. On completion of the programme they will have the opportunity to gain an apprenticeship with full time employment or a scholarship to MIT or Unitec.
  • Learning Auckland Magazine – 2 students have their articles printed in the Education Today Magazine
  • The Warehouse Red Shirts Programme – one student will complete his Customer Service Award and achieve 27 credits. 
Log into NZQA and check out your son's profile along with NCEA results www.nzqa.govt.nzIf you have forgotten your NSN number, ask your teacher, call 0800 697 296 or contact the NZQA Call Centre by filling in the form on this link
  • If you know your NSN number and have not logged in to your NZQA Record of Achievement before, you will need to register
  • If you know your NSN number, and have registered, but have forgotten your password, fill in this form
Please visit and explore +400 employment opportunities
Jacquie Brayshaw
Gateway & STAR Co-ordinator
We all know that cyclone Winston has absolutely devastated some major parts of Fiji. There are lots of organisations and businesses in NZ that have got together to help the people of Fiji in this such a needy time. St Paul's College did its part in this act of charity.
We would to thank St Paul’s College for the help and support that we received for the people of Fiji through donation of canned foods, stationery, dry foods and other necessities. It was great to see parents and students so involved in collecting as much as they could for this noble cause. The true Family spirit was shown through the collection and help rendered.

Our heartful appreciation to the teachers, parents and students of the college.
Thank you so much for all your support. 
Eternal Rest Grant Unto Them O Lord....
Br. Xavier (Eric Ryan) Teacher at St Paul's College 1955-1959. Died in Whangarei.

Barry Gray: Teacher at St Paul's College (early 70s). Died in Australia.
"I learned that courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear."  - Nelson Mandela

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- For queries, see the school nurse Mrs. Van Den Berg (09) 376 1287 ext 222
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