Issue #25
Welcome to issue twenty five!

Each and every week, expect three main items from us – broad opportunities (we're constantly researching what kind of big opportunities are out there), great companies for sale, and premium domains available for your next project. There are so many amazing opportunities in this world - some have your name on them.
Broad opportunity
SSD sales
You don't have to remember very far back to the first SSD (solid state drives) sales on the market. Within a decade they've gone from ultra-expensive performance drives to pretty standard computer parts, slowly phasing out the big spinny-disk HDDs in both features and price. So, little surprise then that SSDs have been growing 41.2% year over year. A big chunk of that market is the conversion in servers and data centers since they roll more storage drives than anyone. There's opportunities both in the PC consumer market and reselling bulk to these big players. This is where we often see niche targeted companies find success - maybe you sell SSDs for their speed and reliability to every local doctor's office, say, developing very specific marketing and outreach patterns. You don't have to fight Samsung or Intel as giants, you just need to make profit in between the layers.
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African Diapers
This is a weird one but hey, if niches were obvious you wouldn't need me researching them. We wrote the other week about the flourishing African tech startup scene but some of the more practical implications are there too, for example: because baby mortality rates are developing so fast, there's no good infrastructure for things like diapers. Kenya, for example, has had a very high birth rate lately. A lot of entrepreneurship is filling vacuums in markets and a lot of third world places are ideal for this - the geo-arbitrage of taking existing (cheap) goods manufacture chains and selling it to underserved (high) market demand is exactly ideal for sales and growth with little competition.

Kids Education Market

My daughter is now in 5 th grade. The K-12 Education Market is valued at approximately US $670 billion. An idea is to develop an accelerated learning program that helps kids learn concepts in a matter of weeks. I recently taught my daughter 5 th grade math in 4 weeks by using a commonly used Math workbook and by having her work out a few problems from each page. Learn Zillion appears to be working on a platform that assists with curation of useful standards-aligned lessons. 

I have also noticed that you have a large number of kids that visit libraries after school. Why not rent out an office space and provide an afterschool program where kids can hang out, study and learn from tutors who guide them through course work. Low barriers to entry is a plus with this one yet, heavily regulated. Extend core-standards by teaching respect, listening skills, creativity, problem-based learning, accountability etc and you've become an extension of the home. 

You will have to obtain permits, comply with operating rules and higher people to supervise. 
Companies for sale
JPN Garage
Dropship ecomm site for car tuners featuring import parts on JDM (Japanese) cars. I've seen first hand how hard it is to find some of these things so it's actually a pretty clever niche. Profits in the $5k range monthly, the costs are high because the margins aren't as crazy as, say, fashion, but it's a solid 30% which is pretty good for the market. Current bid is $21,500 with the reserve not yet met.
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Gun Holsters Unlimited
I had to laugh - not being American myself - that all the traffic to was from America. Of course it is. It's a small dropship with struggling profits, but boasting 10,500 different products is probably part of it - get in, rebrand a bit, clean it up, simplify and focus on outreach. Could be a good little fixer-upper. The asking price is $40,000 which is laughably high, so offer something reasonable (like, say, 1/10th that) and wait a few months.
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Embark is a travel tourism startup who monetizes through commissions and advertising. I'm not going to lie, they report negative profit so far. The team simply seems overwhelmed with the amount of sweat equity this sort of beast needs to hit the sustaining threshold. But, like the above, sometimes the strategy is buy low and grow. The current bid is a mere $510.
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Drone Repair
Similar to the locksmith directory last week but for drone repair shops. Like how cell phone repair stores popped up en masse a few years ago, drone accessories and maintenance should boom too as people buy these expensive things that are almost inevitably prone to crashing at least once in their lifetime. Same sort of directory commission structure. Current price is a whopping $1 with 12 days left.
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Domains for sale this week
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