The dangers of electromagnetic / microwave radiation.
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

 When Jorg Haider, the far-right Austrian politician, died in a 2008 crash in a new car on a lonely straight road, people raised their eyebrows. Two years later the question of assassination was raised.

 The Smolensk plane crash in which the Polish president and 95 other were killed in 2010 was attributed to pilot communication error.

 In California. the death of journalist Michael Hastings in the 2013 firey crash caused a stir and raised question as recently as last week in the The U.K.'s Sun newspaper

The crash of a helicopter into the Clutha pub in Glasgow while a newly commissioned ship was berthed nearby in the Clyde River was officially attributed to pilot error.

 At present, Irelands= is searching for three people who died when a Coast Guard helicopter crashed. The pilot was rescued but died as well. 

 When taken in the context of Wikileaks release of Vault 7 documents, the proliferation of electromagnetic devices, the potential for abuse, chance and human error, all point to the need to curtail the presence of electromagnetic radiation in the environment.

 It is a genie that refuses to get back in the bottle.

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The EMF Plague

Scientific evidence demonstrates that microwave radiation from mobile phones and Wi-Fi damages our DNA and harms our health

  • EMF effects on Gene expression and biology
  • What is RF EMF
  • EMF, cancer and other health issues
  • The EMF mechanism of action
  • EMF, Alzheimer’s, autism and mental health

‘White’ respite in Scotland

Kinharvie House, Dumfriesshire

Kinharvie House, Dumfriesshire This is a non-profit project to develop a care, counselling and therapy centre for electrosensitive persons. It is separate from ES-UK, but Brian Stein, an ESUK trustee, has been helping to lead its development. As a first step there is guest house accommodation in part of the house for stays of between one and three weeks. For details contact: Kinharvie House, New Abbey, Dumfriesshire, DG2 8

New site

What are 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT)?

5G: 5G refers to the “5th generation” wireless technology.  Its intended purpose is to provide faster and higher capacity data transmissions to carry the massive amount of data that will be generated from the Internet of Things (IoT) and for faster video streaming. That said, no one is yet clear about how 5G will be achieved, so at present, it is being used more as a marketing term than a reality.

Our government and the wireless industry predict that 5G will deliver millions of new cell towers to our neighborhoods outfitting virtually every lamppost with a “small cell” beaming radiation into our homes 24/7. In light of the robust and ever growing independent science, showing adverse health effects from radiofrequency microwave radiation, the densification of our neighborhoods with 5G-infrastructure may prove to be a very ill-conceived idea.

Internet of Things: The Internet of Things, as being marketed and sold to the public, is a vision of wirelessly connecting every “thing” possible to the Internet — all machines, appliances, objects and devices.  In addition, the IoT will include Artificial Intelligence (AI), robots, and Virtual Reality (VR), and IoT sensors and surveillance cameras will pepper our communities.. The IoT cyber physical system – which includes humans – will render all objects “smart”, i.e. connected to the Cloud thus enabling machine-to-machine and machine-to-human communications.

Correspondence to Prof. Johansson from Japan

Dear Dr. Olle Johansson,

You may remember that I, several years ago - by mistake - phoned you (in your home) from Tokyo, in the middle of the Swedish night; you very willingly took the call and insisted on that it was not a nuisance at all for you or your wife. We talked for nearly three hours, it practically ruined me, but it was so worth it. Being electrohypersensitive and multiply chemically sensitive, I was not used to such kindness as yours, and since then I have been very impressed of what you have tried to do.

My wife and I now have two children, two perfectly healthy girls, 6 and 8 years of age; maybe I have told you about them before? However, being EHS/MCS and a father makes you very observant on what is going on in the world when it comes to health protection, especially regarding children, as you may imagine.

I recently have read that "...a bill to ban phones in schools was introduced in France in 2009. Bans came into effect in places like Nigeria in 2012, around the time that teachers in the Solomon Islands called for phones to be banned in their schools. Uganda banned phones in schools in 2013, one year after Malaysia reaffirmed its own similar ban. And it's not only been in schools where young people have been prohibited from using their phones over the years. In one prefecture in Japan in 2014 children were not allowed to use phones after 9 pm, not long after Belgium banned the sales and advertising of phones to children under seven. Earlier last year (2015), bans on student use of phones inside and outside of schools were considered in Indonesia".

And now I also read from your recent hand-out that "the children in Cyprus and in Maryland are to be congratulated as well". If you ask me, I say that all these bans speak a clear message: children in the above countries are more important than profit, greed and so-called "development".

But what does Sweden do? They ban Olle Johansson instead due to "lack of need of his services"! This is a disgrace and shame of gigantic proportions, and reporters and journalists must start digging into this!! ...But do they? (Not to the best of my knowledge, no.) The tipping point is now, and should Sweden really want to be morally left behind? It is not the type of Sweden I have learnt to cherish; you are the ones that dress your children in helmets, safe jackets, rules, regulations, and protective armour - and now this?! I do not understand.


Wargaming by ITIF to FCC 16-421

‘The commission should disregard wildly overstated claims of potential harm from electromagnetic radiation’

The Commission’s docket examining these issues, like so many wireless policy fora, has been overrun by a vocal minority who would stand in the way of broadband deployment for fear of potential harm from electromagnetic radiation. This harm is wildly overstated, and holding back growth of next-generation wireless services by giving undue air to these claims would be an injustice to the public interest.

RF radiation is non-ionizing, and the only biological impact from non-ionizing radiation—tissue warming from absorbing energy—has been thoroughly studied and is well-understood. Exposure to high-power RF radiation can heat tissue (like a microwave oven), but there is no known way it can cause cancer or any of the effects described by some in the record. Furthermore, the Commission, in cooperation with other federal

agencies and non-government organization such as the American National Standards Institute, has done extensive work to standardize safe emissions levels and protective measures for interacting with high-power transmitters. There is no evidence in the record to date that these policies on human exposure to RF fields, set forth in OET Bulletin 65, are insufficient to guide 5G small cell deployment.11

The thermal effects from RF radiation depend overwhelmingly on the power-level of the transmitting source, and small cells will use significantly lower power than existing macro cells. If anything, policies to spur the rapid deployment of small cells are likely to reduce the risk of exposure to high-power RF energy due to a reduced reliance on high-power macro cells.

The groups behind these filings believe wireless technology in all forms, including cell phones, smart meters, smart cars and others, is a health hazard because they believe that exposure to electromagnetic fields has the potential to cause a variety of adverse health outcomes. However, the scientific consensus is that there is no evidence that radio-frequency energy can cause cancer.

Many of these brief filings point to the partial findings of a U.S. National Toxicology Program published in 2016.13 Setting aside the fact that this was an early publication of partial findings and not yet subject to peer review, there are several reasons why that study should not give the Commission or any state and local authorities pause in encouraging wireless deployment.

Perhaps most importantly, as many reviewers of the study have since pointed out, with a sample size of only 90 rats in each group, the findings are significantly under-powered from a statistical standpoint.14 The study also did not find any dose response, which one would expect if there was a causal relationship between RFradiation considering the dramatic step changes in dose level for the tested groups.

Moreover, the study found those rats exposed to modulated RF lived longer than the control groups on average. This fact lead Aaron Carroll, director of the Center for Health Policy and Professionalism in Research and Associate Dean for Research Mentoring at Indiana University School of Medicine to write:

At the end of the study, survival was lower in the control group of males than in all the exposed males. Survival was lower in the control group of females for two of the three exposed groups. Yet no headlines blared that cell phones extend life. Nor will mine. No statistics are presented on whether this is significant.

Ultimately the RF fears expressed here and in other discussions of wireless deployment are unfounded, andthe Commission, as well as other policymakers, should disregard them.  

BREAKING - APPLE - GOOGLE - BIGGER than US GOV - what they're doing with CELL TOWERS

Scientists question safety of untested 5G technology at international conference 

WE ONLY NEED ONE SENATOR TO STOP S19 and S88!!! See below.

For years, the U.S., Russian and Chinese defense agencies have been developing weapons that rely on the capability of this electromagnetic technology to induce unpleasant burning sensations on the skin as a form of crowd control. Millimeter waves are utilized by the U.S. Army in crowd dispersal guns called Active Denial Systems. Dr. Paul Ben-Ishai pointed to research that was commissioned by the U.S. Army to find out why people ran away when the beam touched them.

“If you are unlucky enough to be standing there when it hits you, you will feel like your body is on fire.”

Current investigations of wireless frequencies in the millimeter and submillimeter range confirm that these waves interact directly with human skin, specifically the sweat glands.

Privacy and hacking

PATRIOTS: Here’s how to keep your TV & car from spying on you

Life was simpler when only the tinfoil hat crowd needed to wonder about such things.

The GOOD news is that some of the fixes are pretty simple.

Should EVERYONE be worried about their TV, phone, or car spying on them? No.

But — and it’s a big one — the infected device can’t do anything without internet access. If it’s cut off from WIFI (which probably negates what you liked about the product in the first place) then it can’t send information anywhere.


The tin foil hatters were right again: ‘CIA admits to hacking cars and trucks for undetectable assassinations’

With the advent of computerized cars came warnings that hackers could remotely compromise vehicle controls systems and gain access to core driving features like brakes and steering. Several incidents over the last couple of years suggest that such nefarious activity has already taken place, with many citing the death of journalist Michael Hastings, and more recently, the deaths of a high profile oil executive and the personal chauffeur of Vladimir Putin.

For the most part, those “accidents” were never investigated as possible assassinations utilizing cyber attacks, because the notion that such a thing could actually happen is almost unbelievable for most. But the recent Vault 7 Wikileaks release, suggests that not only is it possible to break into vehicles using these techniques, it is a strategy that has been actively pursued by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Joe Joseph reports via The Daily Sheeple Youtube Channel:

Of course Smart devices won't tell you if they're connected to the CIA

From Susan Clarke, Kate Kheel

Why they want your metadata - ONZO Video clip and question

I just came upon this short promotional video clip from ONZO, a company designed to help utilities monetize all the data gleaned from smart meters.  

I typed up some of the text below.   

Although this company is based out of the UK (I believe), it does service utilities worldwide and I would assume that all our utilities are using this company or a similar one to get the “most value for their/our data.”

Is that accurate?

"We take energy consumption data from smart meters and sensors, we analyze it using our patented algorithms, and build a highly personalized profile for each and EVERY utility customer. 

We then tag this profile with a key behavioral attitudinal and lifestyle characteristics that we have identified. We even tag the appliances that we see being used in the home. 

We then use this characterized profile to give the utility 3 things:

1.     Customer engagement apps that educate the end customers, build levels of trust and ultimately reduce customer churn.

2.     a detailed description of each end customer that helps the utility to provide more appropriate services and highly targeted sales campaigns.

3.     Their ability to monetize their customer data by providing a direct link to appropriate third party organizations based on the customer’s identified character.

So, from a very thin stream of  energy consumption data, ONZO delivers significant business value for as little as the price of a cup of coffee." 

ONZO the Customer In Focus!

Headphone batteries explode on flight to Australia

"As I went to turn around I felt burning on my face," the woman said "I grabbed them off and threw them on the floor. They were sparking and had small amounts of fire." (AFP Photo/Handout)


Sydney (AFP) - A woman whose headphones caught fire on a plane suffered burns to her face and hands, Australian officials said Wednesday as they warned about the dangers of battery-operated devices in-flight.

The passenger was listening to music on her own battery-operated headphones as she dozed about two hours into the trip from Beijing to Melbourne on February 19 when there was a loud explosion.

"As I went to turn around I felt burning on my face," she told the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) which investigated the incident.

From Debra Lynn Dadd, consumer advocate

Question about iPhone - iPad protection

Le 16 mars 2017 à 11:45, Debra Lynn Dadd <> a écrit :

I just got a new iPhone and iPad (upgraded). Both had Pong anti-radiation cases but the old cases don’t fit the new devices.
My question is if anyone has any information about which cases or other methods work best or don’t work.
I’d like to write a blog post about this for my website.
But at the moment I need cases for myself.
Pong doesn’t have cases yet for iPhone 7, so I’m looking around for another solution.

MIT Enterprise Forum
Transforming the ways we live, work & move: Wireless Power

Thursday, April 6, 5:30-8:30

Federal Reserve Building

“We believe that ‘wireless charging’ will just be viewed as ‘charging”over the next few years. Together, we’re creating the new normal.” 

Alex Gruzen, CEO, WiTricity

Ubiquitous computing and automotive electrification are creating a world where our smart devices and our cars become equally dependent on being charged and ready at all times. WiTricity’s aim is to make charging just a natural act in the course of typical usage. We deliver the seamless convenience of wireless power at the same power level as plugging in. Freedom from wires has no boundaries – and the future of wireless power is here and now. Join us.


• Ben Freas, Principal Research Analyst, Navigant


• Prof. Marin Soljačić, Ph.D., Professor of Physics, MIT; Founder, WiTricity

• Alex Gruzen, Chief Executive Officer, WiTricity

• John Carney, Director of Licensing and Commercialization, Delphi

• Francesco Italia, Group Vice President - Division General Manager, STMicroelectronics

• Raza Haider, Vice President, Mobility, Commercial Client Solutions, Dell


From Pauline Keeley, Dublin

Children who spend more time on phones and tablets are 'more likely to develop diabetes'

CHILDREN WHO WATCH TV or use phones or tablets for more than three hours a day have a higher chance of contracting diabetes, a new medical study has found.

The report, published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), found that there are several risk factors linked to children who do not get enough exercise.

Leading researcher, Dr. David Carpenter (SUNY), who is featured in the documentary FULL SIGNAL and Environmental Health Advocate Kevin Mottus appeared on the Thom Hartmann show
to plead the dangers of the rollout of 5G, and to ask all concerned to contact their representatives asking them to STOP and test health effects first. To date they plan to spend $56 billion on the rollout, zero on human testing.


Sen. John Thune, who is pushing S19, MOBILE NOW, @SenJohnThune

Sen. Debbie Fischer, who is pushing the DIGIT Act, S88, @SenatorFischer

Sen. Bill Nelson @SenBillNelson

Sen. Cory Booker, @CoryBooker

From Brian Thiesen, BCFreedom, Canada

Former NSA confirms: ‘No surge protection, Smart Meters God send for hackers’

Realize I have not posted in some time, been super busy working on some big things

in many areas. Will be posting on that soon!

Covered is massive meter inaccuracies which are of course on purpose

Also a 38 year NSA retiree tells us smart meters do not have surge protection are prone to hacking and surprise, surprise analogue meters are not prone to hacking, and in fact, can't be hacked if someone tried.

Please share this post with everyone you know, it gives a brief synopsis of everyone main touch points to get these meters off: Utility Greed, Hacking/Privacy Fires and Skyrocketing Bills all of which is being done because utilities and government ruined the grid and are now trying to gouge you for money to cover up their mistakes.  

As usual, we pay. Hopefully not for much longer as for me, I do feel critical mass is 

getting closer every day.

Also wanted you to know that I and many others have been working hard, this whole

time on a solution and we hope to get that out to you soon.

Take care!

Click Here to go to post!

Brian Thiesen

West Kelowna BC

Find me on Patreon

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Retaining analogue meters

Cynthia Ayers is a national security threat analyst, currently working as an independent consultant within the Mission Control and Cyber Division of the Center for Strategic Leadership, U.S. Army War College.  She is also serving as Deputy to the Executive Director of the Congressionally sponsored Task Force on National and Homeland Security.

On March 7, 2017, Ayers presented testimony [1] before the Michigan House Committee on Energy Policy.  Her testimony included an analysis of how smart meters introduce safety and security threats to the electric grid and to civilization itself.

Touched on some of these points here and showed some more of the money trail for newer people as well as people who have been at this for a while.

The surge suppression/protection issue is a critical safety feature that was left off. Some speculate that if it was left  on many meters would fail constantly because they 

are not analogue anymore, but this would affect the 'computer' meter.

So, instead they know (and have told us in their own pdfs etc.) that they are basically designed knowing they are prone to catastrophic failure (again, their words not just me saying it)

The fire aspect is critical because this is repeatable, mathematical and the fire depts are catching on to this as we move forward. No doubt the other top 5 or 8 or however many issues are relevant but this one is the most provable so to speak.

Explained is that utilities had to put in these meters, financially they were backed into a corner and took the greedy way out instead of being honest. That is what is making us collateral damage and they knew meters were inaccurate in their favour cause fires and so, but would be bankrupt by now without them along with the pension funds that own their shares/bonds (which is the government itself who passed the laws to put them in and funded the meter rollouts via grants and contracts)

Secure your family from cyber threats with an analog meter, says Michigan state senator

“One of the ways our citizens can secure their own family from [the] threats to our power grid is to opt out of so-called smart meters and retain analog meters, which have served us well for decades.  Cybersecurity threats today are very real.”

Michigan State Senator Patrick Colbeck

March 7, 2017


Can your smart home be used against you in court?

On a November, 2015 morning in Bentonville, Arkansas, first responders discovered a corpse floating in a hot tub. The home’s resident, James Andrew Bates, told authorities he’d found the body of Victor Collins dead that morning. He’d gone to bed at 1 AM, while Collins and another friend stayed up drinking.

This past December, The Information reported that authorities had subpoenaed Amazon over the case. The police were considering Bates a suspect in what they suspected was a murder after signs of a struggle were found at the scene. They hoped his Echo might hold some insights into what happened the night before.


Smart condo conundrum: Talk to appliances, or text them?

In today's so-called smart home, you can dim the lights, order more toothpaste or tell the kids to go to bed simply by talking to a small Wifi-connected speaker, such as Amazon's (AMZN.O) Echo or Google's (GOOGL.O) Home.

This voice-first market - combining voice with artificial intelligence (AI) - barely existed in 2014. This year, Voice Labs, a consultancy, expects 24.5 million appliances to be shipped.


From Virginia Farver, Colorado

U.S. citizens now being forced to provide their social media passwords upon return to U.S.

The word for it, in case you were searching, is “despicable.”

“Un-American” would also work.

But you might save time by just labeling it: Trump.

When Buffalo, New York couple Akram Shibly and Kelly McCormick returned to the U.S. from a trip to Toronto on Jan. 1, 2017, U.S. Customs & Border Protection officers held them for two hours, took their cellphones and demanded their passwords.

"It just felt like a gross violation of our rights," said Shibly, a 23-year-old filmmaker born and raised in New York. But he and McCormick complied, and their phones were searched.

This is what happens when Americans endorse through their votes a policy of xenophobia that deliberately disregards our history of laws, traditions, and Constitutional principles.

It is what is happening to Americans returning from trips abroad, by a newly deputized Gestapo,  the U.S. Customs and Border Service clearly feeling its oats after the rabid anti-immigrant campaign and ultimate election of Donald Trump (the like-minded  Border Patrol Agents and Immigration Customs and Enforcement were among the few unions endorsing him):

Three days later, they returned from another trip to Canada and were stopped again by CBP.

"One of the officers calls out to me and says, 'Hey, give me your phone,'" recalled Shibly. "And I said, 'No, because I already went through this.'"

The officer asked a second time.

Within seconds, he was surrounded: one man held his legs, another squeezed his throat from behind. A third reached into his pocket, pulling out his phone. McCormick watched her boyfriend's face turn red as the officer's chokehold tightened.

NBC news examined 25 cases of American citizens recently detained and abused by U.S. Customs officials.  In all of these cases, newly “empowered” border agents, eager and willing to channel their latent authoritarian impulses, threatened American citizens, demanding they either hand over their cell phone passwords—or else.


U.S. Citizens Now Being Forced To Provide Their Social Media Passwords Upon Return To U.S.


From Emil-Pierre Steck, Australia

EMR - CELLPHONE RADIATION - World leading authority on cell towers

Hi Emil,

30 years ago they were barely on the map.

Not surprising. In 1985 there were just 340,000 mobile phone subscribers in the whole of the U.S.

By 1990 this number had already surpassed 5 million.

Today there are over 300 million cell phone subscribers in the US alone.

And somewhere in the region of 6 billion worldwide.

Hand in hand with this exponential growth in cell phones has seen the proliferation of cell phone towers.

Like mushrooms, cell phone towers been popping up everywhere over the last 3 decades.

These towers are now omnipresent.

Silently doing their job of keeping us connected.

They route our calls, messages, photos and videos via the Internet.

In fractions of a second these cell phone towers execute a very complex process.


But of course there is a downside.

Because these towers, in doing their jobs, radiate our homes, schools, workplaces towns cities and countryside with radio frequency microwave radiation. 24/7.

There are those that claim this radiation is harmless.

There are others that claim that these exposures are highly detrimental to our health.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

But there are a growing number of eminent scientists and researchers that are raising the alarm.

One of them is Professor Girish Kumar.

He has a PhD in electrical engineering.

He is a former Assistant Professor in the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of North Dakota.

He is currently Professor in the Electrical Engineering Department at IIT Bombay.

He’s been working on hazards of microwave radiation for over a decade.

He’s considered one of the world’s leading experts on cell tower radiation.

Few people understand the hazards and workings of cell towers like Professor Kumar. All cell towers radiate radio frequency microwave radiation.

But how much radiation, how dangerous is it and what are the solutions for dealing with cell tower radiation?

These are the questions I'm going to be putting to Professor Kumar.

It's a FREE interview.

Join me:

From Andre Fauteux, 

Dr. Martin L Pall, Ph.D. - The autism epidemic is caused by EMFs, acting via calcium channels and chemicals acting via NMDA-Rs: downstream effects cause autism




From Sarah Benson, GUARDS

Neurosurgeon Vini Khurana on brain tumour incidence ...

Statement from Australian neurosurgeon Gautam (Vini) Khurana: 'I believe that in the present decade, a significant increase in primary brain tumor incidence will be ...

Video of Leszczynski’s lecture in Reykjavik on Feb. 24, 2017


Is ‘junk journalism’ complaining about ‘junk science’ in The Baltimore Sun?

The most efficient way to mislead an inexperienced reader is to write a story with a pinch of truth, a pinch of ambiguity and a dose of falsehoods or misrepresentations. This is the way how Alex Berezow and Josh Bloom, of the ‘American Council on Science and Health’, wrote a recent story for The Baltimore […]

Just tonight, Collective Evolution released a new video on the 'smart' meter fire situation, and it's going viral.

In addition to Brian Thiesen, the video features Kevin Zeller, who was shocked to find out his utility was saying he's responsible for $5,000 in damages caused by his 'smart' meter catching fire. Their defective tech just about burns down Kevin's house, and he's forced to pay!

And as we know, Kevin isn't alone...

Watch & share the video here »

Right now, thousands per hour are hearing about 'smart' meters for the first time.

Please post your experiences on the comment thread, then share this with everyone on your list or Facebook.

Watch & share the video here »

Josh del Sol

ps. I will have another update to you soon. So much is going on. Just wanted to get this to you asap.

From Victor Leach, Australia

PS : You might be interested in this articles
This former techie owes his fortune to electronic devices. Now he thinks they're dangerous.
Mobile phone use and risk for intracranial tumors and salivary gland tumors - A meta-analysis. 
Bortkiewicz A, Gadzicka E, Szymczak W. Mobile phone use and risk for intracranial tumors and salivary gland tumors - A meta-analysis. Int J Occup Med Environ Health. 2017 Feb 21;30(1):27-43. doi: 10.13075/ijomeh.1896.00802. Epub 2017 Feb 13. 
Our results support the hypothesis that long-term (over 10 years) use of mobile phones increases the risk of intracranial tumors, especially in the case of ipsilateral exposure. The same conclusions are valid for the work by Davis et al. (2013) [45], who reviewed papers on the association between the use of wireless (mobile and cordless) phones and intracranial tumors. Those authors stress that the risk of tumors in people who have used the phone for periods longer than 10 years is significantly elevated. In people who had started using the phone on a regular basis before they were 20 years old, the risk of ipsilateral glioma was found to be fourfold higher. Hardell et al. (2013) [46] stress the significance of the “lifetime exposure dose.” For an exposure of ≥ 1640 h, the risk of ipsilateral acoustic neuroma is 2.55 (95% CI: 1.5–4.4). 
These results are in concordance with the conclusion of the expert panel for the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), that cell phones are possibly carcinogenic (Group 2B) [47]. More research is needed to confirm that electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones are carcinogenic to humans.

Open Access Paper:

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