Issue 7  •  13 May 2016

Nice to be back – both back with a newsletter as well as having just returned from a trip to India! Alain and I attended Agile India as well as working with our App development partners in India, who align incredibly with the KRS values of dedication to quality and productivity.
We’ve got lots of news, especially about our progress with Mobile App Development. Backed by partners with over 4,500 mobile apps experience and many awards, KRS is pleased to announce our new Mobile Development division. Have a look at for what we can do for you.
“The important thing about mobile is that, everybody has a computer in their pocket. The implications of so many people connected to the Internet all the time from the standpoint of education is incredible” Ben Horowitz


How time flies – it seems like yesterday since we had 14 young minds join the KRS Intern intake programme 2016.  During their seven-week stay with us, they were put through their paces, much like bootcamp, coming out the other side, fitter, leaner and definitely more Agile. 
KRS is very pleased to announce that all of the graduates from our programme have found homes at some of the companies we regularly work with: Ipreo, Pres Les, Spur and Agilitude, and of course within our own ranks at KRS.
Being passionate about the future of this industry runs deep in the veins of all at KRS, and ITWeb published an in-depth interview with Lor about how business owes it to our youth to bridge the gap between education and business experience… read more here.

If you wish to be one of the companies that benefits by hiring our trainees please send an email to to be included in next year’s notifications.
10 tips to keep you ‘Appy’
Bearing in mind that we are talking all about mobile apps in this issue, Lor recently compiled an ‘Insider’s Guide’ to appointing the right developer.
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Redefining Agile communications
Software developers need to get in touch with users to develop better products - not remain in the back room behind the myth of the perfect Product Owner.
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We scoured the net to find some of the best apps being used for business, here’s our top five picks based on a poll of 12 million users across iOS and Android:

  1. Top communication app – DUOLINGO – making sure that we all understand one another is paramount in getting along in the global village;
  2. Weather forecasts are a must for business executives – apparently – and Yahoo Weather scored the highest;
  3. Being organised is critical to being successful in business – whether this is using Task Express on your PC* or ColorNote on your mobile;
  4. 360 Security – a must have app that boosts smartphones to keep them functioning optimally, monitoring in real time to ensure that viruses, malware and other ‘nasties’ are kept at bay;
  5. There were several apps that made the grade in the ‘work’ category, many to do with creating presentations and several to making sure these make it to their target audiences, here GoToWebinar came tops.

*While not technically part of the voting, KRS’s own Task Express reminder solution deserves a mention here, as it helping to manage stress and make businesses more productive.

A functional Van der Merwe story

In a column of full names containing first, middle and last names, Excel’s Text-To-Columns function fails with last names like “van der Merwe”. To get around this, using Names Manager, we’ll create our own text functions standing on the broad shoulders of some text functions already available in Excel: FIND, LEFT, LEN, MID, RIGHT, SUBSTITUTE, against a full name in cell $A2. Read more

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