letting go of certain dreams, suppressing feelings, and March madness!
Mar 17, 2017

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theFOMO reader Tan Nguyen answers the question:

Have you let go of certain dreams, for better or for worse?

The great thing about dreams are that they are easy, and they are free. I don’t like something? I can dream of a better way. I want to be doing something else? In my mind I’m already there. On occasion, I can’t shake away one of those dreams. Maybe I start planning around that dream. Maybe I start working toward that dream. The problem is I have so many dreams. Which one do I choose?    

I think dreams have a way of slipping away from us if we aren’t careful. An idea comes, and we think it's great. Then our significant other calls. Then New Years comes. Then deadlines happen. Then February. Then something comes up. Then June. Then we hit a roadblock. Then a year slips by. Then something else came along. Then years. Then life "happens."

Dreams come to us in a flash of inspiration. But most of them will slowly fade away. What is left is reality. Our reality. That reality we were working towards the entire time. As multiple dreams fall away, I hope that my ultimate reality is the one that I wanted all along.  

I have a friend who has literally traveled the entire world, and is on track to visit every country on Earth. I used to dream about doing that. Sometimes I still do. But it is also very important for me to build a home and a sense of belonging in the area I reside. I lived in a place for 8 years, and I never felt that way. Now I’m living somewhere else, and I’m hoping I can achieve this sense of belonging.
What dreams have you let go?
Shout, shout, let it all out...
If you’ve seen the movie “Inside Out”, then you’ll know that we all have a set of core feelings that act as an important part of our lives. This means with happiness, love, and hope comes sadness, jealousy, and anger. And attempting to suppress the negative feelings can  lead to less contentment.

Unpleasant feelings help balance out the positive feelings when it comes to us making sense of life. They can also aid in our survival by pointing out which areas of our lives need attention so we’re not numb to the pain. So instead of avoiding unpleasant feelings, we should learn to accept them, be aware of them, and work to overcome them.

"Acknowledging the complexity of life may be an especially fruitful path to psychological well-being,” says psychologist Jonathan M. Adler of the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering.

Hear, hear!

Got that friend or co-worker you talk alot about "life" stuff with? 

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The nine most likely teams to reach the Final Four
Source: cbs sports
Show me the data.
March Madness kicked off yesterday, and even if you’re not a fan, you probably know someone who has a bracket. Fun facts below to impress your coworkers:

* This is the 79th annual NCAA Tournament
* 5/1: Duke’s odds of winning the championship. 
* 17.9 percent of brackets have Villanova winning it all, the highest percentage.
* Only three times has a number 1 seed won it all
* No. 1 seeds are 128-0 against No. 16 seeds
* UCLA has 11 titles, the most of any school

More here. Game on!
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