It's a two-way street
Mar 1, 2017
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What our friends say.

We’ve been conditioned our entire lives to think advancement in our careers as a “getting” process: get a job, get a promotion, get retirement. The problem with this phrase and mindset is that it is extremely unhealthy. We don’t get things. We earn things — it's a give and take. 
We don’t get a job. Our skill sets are sold to the most favorable bidder. We strike a deal with the labor market.
We don’t get a promotion. Our salary should be a reflection of our performance. We negotiate a pay and title bump.
We don’t get retirement. Our time has been contributed over decades. We paid our dues to society.

Haseeb Qureshi, engineer at AirBnb puts it this way: 
“'When people talk about the labor market, they think “oh, a company wants to give me a job! What a relief!” As though having a job were in itself some special privilege for which a company is the gatekeeper."

The point is, career progression is a trade. Trades are meant to be competitive. And in a trade, “get” is a two-way street. 

Once we equip ourselves with this mindset, navigating the labor market and negotiating becomes less stressful. We begin on equal footing rather than as an underdog.

Now we just have to understand that what’s “fair" is what’s negotiated. 
What else do you think you're "getting"?
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