When others question our life choices
Feb 24, 2017

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Got a friend or co-worker you talk alot about "life" stuff with? 

Refer a friend!
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What our friends say.

They say you have haters once you've made it. Unfortunately, this isn't exactly accurate as our haters could range from random internet trolls to our closest friends and family. That is to say, there is a spectrum of "hating," and if we're not cognizant of them, we could be limiting our potential. So how do we deal with haters?

First, let's identify the types of haters that could be lurking in our relationships:

Troll: Often found in the YouTube commentary section. Honestly, these guys have nothing better to do than flame people because they have nothing interesting in their lives.

Judgmental acquaintance: Someone in the same industry as you who comes off arrogant by bashing others. While true, they are just looking out for themselves, but questioning others' life choices is just a way for these people to prove their own superiority and protect themselves from criticism.

The frenemy: A friend who's there for you but also critiques you every step of the way. Highly critical people are often not happy with themselves; this fault-finding is a projection of how they fall short on their own goals.

Friends and family: Oftentimes we consult our closest friends and family for advice around big decisions – e.g. changing jobs, settling down, etc. But that is a horrible idea. Why? Because they oftentimes like us the way we are. And if we want to change, that threatens their relationship with us. 

So how do we respond to these situations? Were you paying close attention? All of the above have nothing to do with us – what someone says about us is really just a reflection of how they feel about themselves.

Take their criticism with a grain of salt. Exhale and keep doing what you're doing!
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