Meet Mia from Transformational Parenting and Brenda who'll be spreading the Polymer Clay addiction
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Learning Reimagined Family Conference 11/12 February 2017

A quick Recap of the Wonderful things waiting for us at the Conference

We've had so many new people subscribing to the newsletter so we thought we'd do a quick recap of the amazing lineup for the conference so far. And we do mean so far, because there is certainly more to come. What we can say though, is that we have an amazingly talented community that is passionate about building an authentic learning space for the young in our care.

In a quick nutshell, this family conference will be filled with inspiring talks, participant driven round table discussions, delicious food, an exquisite venue, teen specific sessions, a talent show, funshops, a free play creative zone for the younger kids, a minecraft LAN, a documentary screening with a possible Q&A with the director/producer ….

One of the overriding themes and motivations for the conference is connection. But with our focus on connection we've been neglecting something else, something way more important. Celebration!! We should be celebrating too – that we took the first steps into creating a different path – be it unschooling, homeschooling, peaceful parenting, setting up an alternative school or choosing to attend one… Some of us for have been doing this for years and others are just starting out. Of course we should be celebrating together. So do expect that there will be high levels of positive energy at the conference! Add to the mix Saturday Night's festivities of a sumptuous dinner, talent show, fire circle and yummy snacks… No more neglecting! So we will be connecting and celebrating! Does that appeal to you?

But let's get back to connection. We want to connect with inner selves, connect with our community and connect our community to the global community too. All three connections feed into each other. So by walking this path our local movement is also contributing to the global movement and global developments also influences our local paths. Don't you just love connection?

The global connection comes with having Manish Jain as our facilitator and speaker. Manish himself is globally connected. He comes with a long history of unlearning his Harvard Education Masters and of learning from his community development efforts. We feel strongly that since a) His daughter is being unschooled b) That he founded and runs an alternative space for higher learning – Swaraj University, c) That he is the convenor of the Eco- Universities Network – a network of alternative higher education spaces around the world and d) he is actively part of building a learning community in Udaipur, he would make some invaluable input to our local conversation on reimagining learning.

Then we have Worldschooling/Unschooling mother and son, Lainie Liberti and Miro Siegel of Project Worldschool who bring with them a different kind of global connection - their location independent lifestyle, their experience in running temporary teen learning communities throughout the world. Lainie is also the host of the For the Love of Learning Show - Voices of the Alternative Education Movement. Earlier this year, they spoke at TEDx Amsterdam about Worldschooling.  A different perspective with a different kind of depth for our local conversation!

And then of course we have a dynamic local community of unschoolers and homeschoolers who will be pooling their experience and passions. We will introduce you to the other speakers in the later newsletters: a researcher on natural learning, some inspiring young adults that will lead a session on growing without schooling, unschooling parents etc... Watch this space!

Transformational Parenting With Mia Von Scha

Mia Von Scha is a Transformational Life Coach and Parenting Coach, and founder of Transformational Parenting, a company focused on helping parents to live authentically and to inspire their children to do the same. Mia is an inspirational speaker, presenting talks on parenting, education and respectful communication. She has been a guest speaker at numerous events including The Montessori Association’s annual conference, The Mama Magic Baby Show, Mensa, and The Gordon Institute of Business Science.

Mia is a two-time author of inspirational children’s books – Tao in the Box and Yes Days No Days – bringing the insights from her coaching on how to live an inspired and balanced life to a younger audience.

She also blogs extensively, both for her own blog and as a guest blogger for JozikidsParenting HubMail & Guardian WomenSA Moms, and

Mia is an unschooling mother of two beautiful girls (known to Mia as her Zen Masters).

Mia has been featured in numerous television, radio and magazine interviews for her alternative approach to parenting and life.

Mia is trained both in traditional therapy, with a BA in Psychology and a certification in Trauma Counselling, and in various alternative therapies including Neuro Linguistic Programming, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Stress Biofeedback, Time Paradigm Techniques and The Demartini Method. She uses a combination of methods in her practice to help parents to be the change they want to see in their kids!
You can find Mia on the Web at the following links

Transformational Parenting

The thing is, at some point, you have to stop drooling over your fantasy and enter the real world, with your real child. And we must then wonder at how our real children feel about being compared to the fantasy child. Mia Von Scha

Funshop 3 - Polymer Clay Creations 

We’ve already introduced you to Lebo an Upcycler and Tsepang a woodworker who are going to inspire and co-create with us at the Learning Reimagined conference. This week we would like to introduce Brenda Helfrich. Brenda is the mother of two unschooled children. Her daughter is almost 16 and started home schooling at 10 and her son, who is almost 13, has never been to “big school”. Although they started with “school-at-home”, they have evolved into a much more comfortable form of unschooling.

Brenda has loved art for as long as she can remember. She says that her mom told her that she started drawing when she worked out which side of a pencil made marks. There is also anecdotal stories where her mother claims that she would only play with new friends if they passed her drawing test (although she doesn't believe this to be true). We are glad we never had to pass these tests to call Brenda our friend!

You can imagine her dismay when, after matric, she went to art school and within two weeks realised that it was a big mistake! This was not what she had signed on for! It was horrible! In defence, (or maybe that was defiance), she went and got a degree in Mechanical Engineering and loved it. For seven years, she did not create a single artistic object! And then, she found polymer clay. And the rest, as they say, is history......

She will be offering basic polymer play sessions and hopes that she can spread her addiction to the clay to as many people as possible. Feel free to have a look at some of her artistic endeavours at

These funshops are open for all ages. All that is needed is an interest to learn. Very young children will need their parent’s assistance. Funshops will be one of the places where we can gather, learn and play together.

The Cardboard Knight Play 

The Cardboard Knight Play has had it's first two shows in Johannesburg alredy.  It really is a fantastic performance. The script is witty, the characters are great, the message of the play – that children are just beautiful in their uniqueness and learn best when allowed to be free comes through very convincingly. There are still tickets available for performances on Wednesday 13 July, Saturday 16 July and Sunday 17 July.

When the lovable director of a small quirky children's home retires, the eccentric kids must break in his replacement. She can be a bit of a dragon, so they're going to need a Knight!

The Cardboard Knight is a play about play, self-led education, personal transformation, MineCraft, magic and gummy worms. With newspaper-sword battles. Suitable for all ages including teenagers!

The Cardboard Knight picture book will also be launched at the play.

Call Karmilla on 082 480 9320 or email to book tickets

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In Closing

Remember, registration for the conference is essential. Do take advantage of the early bird rates. If you'd like there is the Learning Reimagined Facebook Group  that you can also join. And as always, we value your feedback. And most importantly, don't forget to register for the conference.
Looking forward to seeing you at the conference, <<First Name>>. 


Zakiyya and Claire


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