The Pokemon Go hype, SingularityU Summit in the Netherlands and should we record patient consultations?
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REshape Newsletter #2/16
"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
- Helen Keller
We have a small core team at REshape and we can't do all the work by ourselves. That's why we always work together with other passionate and enthusiastic healthcare professionals, healthcare stakeholders and of course patients to make a significant impact on healthcare! We want to inspire people, to bring people with different kind of backgrounds together and to connect the dots within healthcare. 

In this newsletter's edition we tell your more about a couple of our collaborations!

- The REshape Team


Hype of the summer of 2016

Pokemon Go is not only a nuisance to hospitals and other public places, it can also be used to promote healthy behaviour. For example, the Children’s hospital C.S. Mott in Michigan uses the new Pokemon Go app to let kids do their physical therapy exercises.

Our colleagues from the Ban Bedcentricity project are also testing new methods to stimulate patients to be more active during their stay in the hospital. For example by: 
  • Replacing beds by ergonomic chairs during daytime
  • Making corridors more attractive with art, warmer colours and maps
  • Providing feedback to patients based on levels pf physical activity

SingularityU The Netherlands

The Singularity University in the Netherlands started their first summit last Monday. Emerging technologies were shared during the event, ranging from topics like Artificial Intelligence & Robotics to Medicine & Neuroscience (and many more).
Lucien Engelen spoke on the topic of health (slides) as faculty member at SU in the Netherlands. Other local faculty members are Melanie Rieback (cybersecurity)Maarten Steinbuch (robotics)Kris Verburgh (ageing / longevity)Mark Post (biotechnology)Daan Kersten (manufacturing) and Carlo van de Weijer (mobility).

Our colleagues Jules Lancee and Tom van de Belt wrote a blog on what inspired them at the SU Summit. Read more

Manage your medications & record your consult

In our last newsletter we shared the news about the launch of CMyLife, a platform for people diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia or CML in short.

As an extension of this platform REshape has been worked together with a company called PharmIT on developing an app that helps patients keep track of their medications, but also allows them to record the audio of any conversation they have with their medical specialist and store it within the medical file of the 'MedApp'. This allows patients to re-listen to any piece of information they might have missed. By combining the information from the app on medication and recordings with the data and labresults from the CMyLife platform patients get a more complete overview of their own health data.

Read more about MedApp

Handbook "Hand-in-handleiding"

Together with AYA's (Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer), Lotte Rensen developed a special handbook called ‘Hand-in-handleiding’. This little paper book can be printed on a single sheet of paper and shared with friends and relatives to inform them on important topics and to let them them know what you do and don't want to talk about.

It can be used to start a conversation about difficult topics and to keep your loved ones close to you. Read more (Dutch)

Patient-friendly ECG measurements

The department of Cardiology of the Radboudumc wanted to know if there are new ways to relieve the burden of a Holter monitor for patients. Patients told us that when wearing a Holter monitor you can't shower and prevented from doing some daily activities as freely as you would like to do them.

After interviewing patients and healthcare professionals a possible solution was found, a small patch on the back of a smartphone that can measure a single channel ECG. Read more 

Online Patient Ratings of Hospitals

Hospitals that are confronted with intensified supervision by the health care inspectorate have lower ratings on patient rating sites. Health care inspectorates might learn from these results because they indicate that the inspectorate identifies the same hospitals as “at risk” as the patients rate as underperformers.

More research with more ratings also in other parts of health care and other countries is needed to explore further the association between the ratings from patients and the quality judgment of a health care inspectorate. Read more

Blog: Patients recording consultations

Ever since our Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport published a letter to the House of Representatives in which she encourages patients to record their consultations, there has been a lot of discussion on this topic. Patients recording consultations are slowly become more accepted but anxiety still seems to rule.

REshape fellow Stefanie van den Bosch wrote an interesting blog on the topic. Should we all offer the option of audio recorded consults to patients? Read more

Directors blog

Would you like to know which articles inspires our director Lucien Engelen?

Subscribe to his newsletter on health(care)’s outlook, link or read his LinkedIn Influencer blog.

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