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My Slightly Backward Way To Find Gratitude

I keep reading about the benefits of having a daily gratitude practice. I tried several times to start the habit but always struggled. It is just too easy for me to overlook things I should be grateful for.

Then I came across a suggestion that totally changed the way I look at gratitude. I think I found it in a pin on Pinterest. Not my usual source for spiritual insight, but once again, I take inspiration where I find it. 

Every time you are annoyed by something, flip it to find the positive. 

I know, totally cheesy, right? 

But I’m trying to actually try things before I discount them, and I never seem to have a problem finding things that annoy me, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

The results?  
  • My endlessly stompy upstairs neighbors?
    • Means I have a home and a roof over my head (occupied by a herd of rhinos, but still). 
  • Stuck in traffic? 
    • I have a reliable car and can control my own transportation.
  • Stuck in an endless line at Safeway? 
    • I have access to healthy and affordable food. 
It may be cheesy, but it worked for me. With an awareness of the positives, it's much easier to be grateful for them. 

 Give it a shot next time you are annoyed. 


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