Abteilung 502. Modeling Luxury Goods.
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ABT602 Mastering Oils 1. Oil painting Techniques on AFVs. 23.95€
ABT308 Base Color Alteration Set. 22.50€
ABT310 Fantasy and Sci-Fi Colors Set. 22.50€
ABT315 Leather and Wood colors Set. 22.50€
ABT500 Gundam blue. 3.75€
ABT505 Coagulated Blood. 3.75€
ABT510 Starship Filth. 3.75€
ABT515 Turquoise Lights. 3.75€
ABT520 Dead Flesh. 3.75€
ABT525 Ghost Grey. 3.75€
ABT250 Magenta. 3.75€
ABT255 Paynes Grey. 3.75€
ABT260 Patina Oxide. 3.75€
ABT845 Deluxe Brushes Kit
(10 units). 37.50€
ABT850 Deluxe Marta Kolinsky Brushes Kit (8 units). 37.35€
ABT850-10/0 Marta Kolinsky Brush. 4.10€
ABT850-5/0 Marta Kolinsky Brush. 4.10€
ABT850-4/0 Marta Kolinsky Brush. 4.10€
ABT850-000 Marta Kolinsky Brush. 4.25€
ABT850-00 Marta Kolinsky Brush. 4.50€
ABT850-0 Marta Kolinsky Brush. 4.60€
ABT850-1 Marta Kolinsky Brush. 5.20€
ABT850-2 Marta Kolinsky Brush. 6.50€
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