Message to Transforming Autism Subscribers

19th October, 2016


Our Next Steps, & How You Can Help

Dear Subscribers

The Transforming Autism Project is taking its first concrete and promising steps towards our very ambitious goals.  We are registering this week as a Community Organisation, and also starting the registration process to become a fully registered charity, which we are hoping will be complete well before the end of the year.  We are about to start publicising the support we can already provide and the resources that we can make available.  

In addition to the consultations that are already available to support families and schools to implement the principles of Containment to provide significant opportunities for their children to feel safer and become more integrated, we now also have a therapist on our team who is already supporting families in London to implement this approach hands-on in their homes, working with children and helping parents to learn to do the same.

Once we start to raise funds, these and all of our services will be subsidised (very heavily subsidised for people on low incomes).

Of course, making all of this happen involves a huge amount of work, and we need help to spread the word and to move things forward.

So, the first thing you can do to 
help, is simply to let people know that we exist and what we are aiming to provide locally and practically in the short term, and to achieve globally in the long term.  Please share us extensively on social media (link to, and recommend us personally to anyone you feel may benefit.

Secondly, we desperately need additional and skilled hands to make this happen and to enable us to progress.  This would need to be on a voluntary basis at first, but there is the very real possibility of this leading to well-paid work in the longer-term (one of our employment principles is to offer salaries appreciably higher than market rates for the sector), and there are also possibilities of Trusteeships at this point for the right people.

So if you know anyone (or if you are someone) with the following skills, who you feel would resonate with our goals and be committed to pushing them forward with us, please approach them and invite them to join us.  They can simply write to  

The key skills we are currently looking for (in order of importance) are:
1 - Project Management - To push things forward, keep track of what we have agreed to and make sure this happens, as well as to input into how we move forwards.
2 - Fundraising!!! - Now that we are an official body, we are able to start applying for grants, and more importantly, identifying and approaching donors.
3 - Marketing and PR - To get our message out there.
4 - Broad-ranging Charity and Corporate experience.

We are also open to people who feel they have other key skills to bring to us that could be of use at this time.

Please also feel free to get in touch with any comments or questions about our project.  We would be happy to hear from you.

Thank you, and I look forward to welcoming some of you to our team!!
Best Wishes

Guy Shahar
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