This week in Horizon: innovative women, treating cancer with sound, AI against cyber threats, rubber and nickel from flowers
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European Commissioner Carlos Moedas and European Parliament Vice-President Mairead McGuinness presented Michela Magas with first place in the EU Prize for Women Innovators. Credit: European Union/ François Walschaerts
‘Innovation ecosystem’ founder wins EU women innovators' prize

An entrepreneur who helps innovative products get to market by creating collaborations between the arts, sciences, academia ...
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Sound waves similar to the hum of an electric shaver could show which cancer treatments work. ‘Wave sound digital representation splitted channels’ by Fillbit is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0
‘Electric hum’ technology opening window on cancer treatment

A new technology that uses sound waves could show which cancer treatments work, and even help slow down cancer spread ...
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Cybersecurity tools should be like a car safety belt – an essential part of a modern vehicle, rather than an add-on, say researchers. Image credit: Pixabay/ Unsplash
Keystrokes and login behaviour could protect your online identity

The tendency for people to be creatures of habit is being put to good use in the cybersecurity industry, thanks to new ...
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First place: One to many: in-vitro regeneration of multiple potato shoots from callus - Dheeraj Singh Rathore, Teagasc, Ireland
Rubber dandelions and nickel-eating flowers

Fields of yellow flowers across Europe could soon be producing a harvest of rubber and nickel for use in industry, helping to reduce ...
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The Naked Scientists podcast, Tuesday, 07/03/2017
The Naked Scientists podcast
What causes brain freeze?

In this week’s podcast, the Naked Scientists take listeners’ questions such as why we are looking for earth-sized planets and if you can unshrink a woollen jumper ...
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