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Login button unavailable 

The login function is currently unavailable due of connection issues between databases. 

The reconnection is a current work-in-progress. Although we initially planned for a resumption on the 28th, it's looking more than likely that full resumption will come into place the following day.


The majority of withdrawal requests made before the afternoon of 27th June have been completed.

If you request hasn't been completed, please check your inbox as we may have been in touch, alternatively, please contact us via for us to update you on the status.

Next task on our agenda

All pending deposits made between the 30th May and 16th June will be gradually credited to respective accounts. 

StartNode Operators Weekly Gifting Programme

We have begun the process of delivering weekly coins to StartNode Operators - if you are running a StartNode obtained from StartJOIN, please get in touch to get themselves verified and eligible!

Redeeming StartCOIN scratch cards

We are currently in communication with the service provider to find the best way to implement a redemption method - ideally, in a way, where you will be able to instruct deposit address.

Account security

We want to reiterate that there are plenty of ongoing attacks on corporate, personal internet accounts - please ensure security across all your accounts by enabling 2FA where you can. 


If you have any questions, or any concerns about your wallet/activity, please contact us via
Email us at
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