Security Breach

On the 30th May, was breached and approx. 2,8 million START were stolen. Several of our social media and communications accounts were also compromised. The website and the accounts have since been on lock down and users’ balances are safe. 

Whilst we continue to restore operations, there is an ongoing investigation into the incident.

We understand that users are concerned about their balances - our current priority is to ensure that users can access their funds securely. 

StartJOIN v1, Post-Incident

Since the incident, we have been assessing the current needs of the legacy StartJOIN platform (v1). 

In brief, whilst we aim to resume operations for v1 by mid- next week (week of 13th June), we are also taking the incident as an opportunity to begin refocusing resources; to proceed full steam ahead with making StartJOIN v2 available for selected beta testing in July 2016.

As many users may know already, the development of v2 begun in February 2016. This was an action taken based on the results of our assessment of the current version. We found that it was not able to satisfy users’ demands nor match our ambitions for growth. 

Until v2 is officially launched, v1 will remain available for users to access their balances, and for StartCOIN Holdings to focus on updating users with information on v2, on exclusive content and on other development progress.

To do so, we have entrusted the task of maintenance and ongoing development with our current team, who have a proven track record. Supported by additional security and crypto advisors, StartJOIN v2 will provide a much better user experience, along side other improvements - where the potential of crypto-crowdfunding will be made available to users internationally. 

Our vision for StartJOIN v2 is to globalise the merger of cryptocurrency and crowdfunding. The site will continue be the only marketplace for the global innovators and entrepreneurs to meet and get things STARTed!

When will users be able to access their balance

From mid- next week onwards, we will be announcing the next steps to the resumption of operations, and provide support for users who wish to withdraw their funds via StartJOIN v1.

Once funds are available to be withdrawn, users can utilise the following, alternative ways to store START:

We have been continuously monitoring all pending deposits and withdrawals since 30th May. Once operations resume, they will either continue on their journey as instructed, or we will get in touch with users to confirm status. 

Anybody who is concerned about the status of their account or wallets, please contact us via Alternatively, you can also follow us on Twitter @start_coin and @startjoin for updates.


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