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Dear World,

When I was asked to write a missive for the Ubumuntu Arts Festival newsletter, I got mixed up about who I should write to, then I said to myself that since art is a mirror of life and life dwells in the world, I should write to you on this day of remembrance. I have always loved collage art because of its nature of sewing different items together like a puzzle. So World, I decided to stitch myself like a snapped off piece hoping that when I change, you can also change. It is in this faith of why we have started Ubumuntu Arts Festival. 

2016 has pushed us to imagine beyond the times we live. This year we mark our second edition and indeed, it continues to be a journey of wisdom and courage. We chose the amphitheater at the genocide memorial because of it's symbolism of failed humanity. It's against this backdrop therefore, that we feel that art should play a crucial role in the prevention of criminal offenses against humanity. We cordially invite you to be a part of our journey.

Yours sincerely, 
Hope Azeda

Festival Curator


The 2nd Edition of the Ubumuntu Arts Festival is going to be held from July 14th to 17th 2016 at Kigali Genocide Memorial’s amphitheater. We have grown since last year and will have two more days, one fully dedicated to art for young audiences and one to women’s topics.

  • Day 1: Works by and for children.
  • Day 2: Works highlighting women.
  • Day 3: Artistic responses to social justice.
  • Day 4: Artistic responses to social justice and closing.
        In Ntarama church, even though termed SACRED
it turned to be a shrine of hatred
    Suddenly, the dead lay in silence
           Innocence calls for justice as the nation cries for peace
The birds sing, the winds blow, but the dead never show or glow
For they are enTAnGleD in a how and bow from the pain of the killers paw
As the faithful stood and saw no one to remove them from the claw

Lived in the SAME WORLD with no pity, laughed in the same village and city
But nature has taken away and the RESPECT of dignity
                 The beauty of human sanctity 
In Ntarama the dead lay in silence

The future haunts the past that may last
Though we long to move ahead fast
      Yet the present begs for FORGIVENESS, the silent dead smile but yet cry,
Trapped in a haven of human DeStRucTiOn
Destroying the love and unity of a nation

In Ntarama, there winds of faith that calls for love,
The FAITH that the silent once trusted,
And yet betrayed them and molested, suspicion and mistrust created
But the dead will still smile yet cry.

In Ntarama, can see them kneel and PRAY
                 About the passing away of a dark yesterday,
And the dawning of a new and special day
As they press on in everyway on this beautiful amahoro highway
As they live in a gladly way
There stands YOU
                    A ray of hope as children smile,
         In a fascinating style and this we need to apply
Beautiful voices of today and tomorrow and the END of painful sorrow

May the silent souls of Ntarama rest in PEACE

Hope Azeda
George Shyimanyura (editor)
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