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How networks could help you bring your content to the people

@maxieq shared some thoughts with us on networks, which can be basically devided into three different ways to build up your audience:
  1. Ad-hoc-network: Things go viral and are shared all over the place.
  2. Colleagues: like-minded people link to each others work and build up a special-interest-network
  3. Corporate network: branches and departments in the same company share their work across their various channels
Are there more tactics? How do you use these networks right? And for what content works which channel best? Discuss with us in #audience-development!

Channel Rockstar: @madalina.ciobanu. Check out the channel for more or contact Madalina for questions.


How can we improve hearing podcasts on mobiles? Help Clara with her JSK research!
  • @jens_naehler searched for a solution to live stream audio for commenting sport events - and DJR found Mixlr 
  • WNYC is open-sourcing a tool called "Audiogram Generator” that they use to post audio-stories to social media by transforming it into a video format
  • And @clarita1980 is working as a JSK Fellow in Stanford on how to improve the user experience of podcasts on mobile. You can help her with filling out her questionnaire here.

Channel Rockstar: @kollege. Check out the channel for more or contact Marc for questions.


Has data journalism become a newsrooms' fetish?

The article “Donald Trump and the limits of data journalism” from Vanity Fair fuelled an interesting discussion.

  • How biased can data (journalism) be?
  • Is there a lack of technical skills among journalists and journalism students (which perhaps results in poorly executed data stories)?
  • Has data journalism become a newsrooms’ fetish (doing it for the sake of it rather than doing it right)?
No answers found yet, so feel free to share your opinion.

Channel Rockstar: @dorien_luyckx. Check out the channel for more or contact Dorien for questions.


Where to meet in September

A few journalism events or conferences happening in September:

If you are organising/attending a journalistic event/conference, please feel free to share on the channel

Channel Rockstar: @dorien_luyckx. Check out the channel for more or contact Dorien for questions.


Meet "Resi", the startup that's all about conversational journalism for millenials!
  • Our very own Martin Hoffmann launched his startup “Resi” which is all about conversational journalism. You should check out his blog post about that here…
  • Also, CNN experimented with a relatively new format on its Messenger bot after the dead of Gene Wilder: an interactive interview. The user could navigate his way through the questions by tapping on some text adventure like buttons. But the execution of a very nice idea hat some quirks which were discussed in the channel.
  • There was also a short discussion on Purple, the company that started as a journalistic SMS service and now moved on to Facebook Messenger.
  • And Jan and Tilman showed us a new messaging app called “Amity” which is all about group chats.
Channel Rockstar: @martinhoffmann. Check out the channel for more or contact Martin for questions.


Do we need a CMS for mobile? And if yes, how should it look like?

Channel rockstar @henrik.stahl shared some mockups of a “CMS light” for mobile, which fueled an interesting discussion about best practices for reporters when working on the field. 
  • ”I know of a couple of times I needed this to work, and didn’t, but as there is always someone in the newsroom having online duty, and email was always quicker in the end,” said @davidtvrdon, but he also agreed that some pieces would be easier to write and edit on the phone done by the authors.
  • @maxieq questions the purpose of a mobile version of a CMS, and instead suggests a light version for tablets. ”My first reaction to seeing that on a phone was. ‘Um, no. No way I’m writing a thousand words on a phone’"
What do you think? Let us know!

Channel Rockstar: @henrik.stahl. Check out the channel for more or contact Henrik for questions.


Snapchat and the coverage of the presidential race

What we read:

Channel Rockstar: @textautomat. Check out the channel for more or contact Anna for questions.


Which tools for non-linear multimedia stories do you know?
  • @florian is looking for the best externally-hosted storytelling tool for a new project. He’s currently looking at, but wants us to bring further ideas/tips to the table. @alli.shultes suggests Shorthand, @kolja.langnese recommends his own product, ScribbleLive (a tool channel rockstar @henrik.stahl vouches for), @linatimm names Fold as a good storytelling tool, and @andrewc_nelson suggests Atavist. You have more ideas/tips for Florian? Bring ‘em on!
  • Also, @woj shared his beautiful and compelling story The Mammoth Pirates, created from the ground up. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should definitely do so asap.
  • Last but not least, @talhaahad shared 7 Storytelling Techniques You Can Learn from Filmmaker & YouTube Star Casey Neistat, which fueled a short discussion about the fact that reporters aren’t always quite that innovative when it comes to storytelling...

Channel Rockstar: @henrik.stahl. Check out the channel for more or contact Henrik for questions.


How to use Pinterest for journalism?

Besides some nerdy chit-chats about how many operating systems you can run on your computer at the same time, we had some more generally interesting questions as well:

Channel Rockstar: @tilman. Check out the channel for more or contact Tilman for questions.


What are Twitter lists for?
  • @andrewc_nelson wondered, how you use lists in Twitter. Active? Passive? What's a good way? Come and discuss with us!

Channel Rockstar: @simon. Check out the channel for more or contact Isabel for questions.


What gear are you using for video journalism?

Besides a brief discussion about Snapchat competing with Youtube, Facebook, Twitter in tying publishers to produce native tv content, @jeremy posted Introducing the Video Features of the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, asking us what gear that best serves our needs in video journalism today.

@mazieq summed it up pretty well: ”I find that baseline tech is a smart-phone.” :)

What gear are you using? And what are your thoughts on video journalism in general? Let us know!

Channel Rockstar: @henrik.stahl. Check out the channel for more or contact Henrik for questions.


You think VR is becoming huge? Start thinking about AR!
  • Following this article @henrik.stahl found, AR is going to be a much bigger market than VR. "VR is set to become a $30b market — with an emphasis on VR gaming — while AR could become $120b — focused on commerce and data."

Channel Rockstar: @flight_1. Check out the channel for more or contact Susanne for questions.

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