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some of us embraced the platforms and their opportunities to reach users we already lost long ago. The others were sceptical and started their fight against Facebook, Snapchat etc.

Now Snapchat shifts around its Discover section as they like and every now and then there are new reports on how Facebooks Instant Articles affect the reach of publishers - and not always to the better.

I know, the discussion isn't new - but what do you think? Do you have thoughts on that? Join our #all-social channel, it's wide open for all your opinions. :-)

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Why text size matters

Ever wondered why enjoy reading certain websites more than others? Maybe it's just a design thing, for example the size of the body text

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Is this trending news fake or real?
  • Facebook has again been having issues with its Trending Topics sections, which is no more run by people. As @henrik.stahl reported - Washington Post has found the social network has repeatedly trended fake news and it is not getting better.

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Congrats to everyone who built up a 12 person Snapchat team in the last few months
  • Big news at the “Discover” section! From the next update on you will see your friend’s stories first (again) - and the publisher’s content will be pushed almost out of sight. This will be very convenient for the users - but the publishers won’t be amused. From now on it will be more difficult to reach the audience.
  • “It’s yet another example on how dependent publishers are when it comes to platforms. They can’t choose how and where to place their content, it’s the platforms’ choice”, says @linatimm.
  • Or, as @martinhoffmann has put it: “Congratulations to everyone who built up a 12 person Snapchat team in the last few months…”

What else?

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Want good news? Check out this German startup

Huge merger for digital media startups:

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Best practice: Two outstanding storytelling examples

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Wanted: Ultra-lightweight HD camera - any ideas?
  • @nils.lindenstrauss is looking for an ultra-lightweight hd or full hd camera for a small drown (perhaps with an own power unit). You have any suggestions? Please let him know!

Recommended reads:

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Google or Facebook? These are the giants' newest moves in the VR game
  • Google Daydream generated quite a discussion after its announcement at the start of October. @johannesklingebiel is very excited – and he especially likes the idea of using fabric instead of plastic. @simon is mostly interested in the content cooperations mentioned by Adrienne McCallister (Google’s Director of VR/AR Business Development). According to McCallister, there will be more than 50 cooperations.

  • @henrik.stahl recommended everyone to keep an eye on the crowdfunding project 2VR on Indiegogo. @johannesklingebiel predicts that the VR-smartphone combo is what will make VR appeal to the masses, since “the combination of smartphone and VR makes sense, because you're much more likely to use a device you already own, than a completely new one like the Oculus, which is expensive and needs a powerful PC as well.” @simon on the other hand thinks that Playstation VR will be the breakthrough for virtual reality. ”It's a lot cheaper than Oculus Rift and HTC Vive (especially as you don't need a fully equipped gaming PC) and should be much more powerful than Google Cardboard/Daydream.”

  • @tilman was impressed by what Mark Zuckerberg presented for Oculus on October 6th. “It’s also pretty scary coming from Facebook, thinking of what kind of data and access to our lives it will get from this”, @tilman said. @linatimm pointed out that the communication of the last decades have shifted more and more to asynchronus ways. “Don’t know yet if it’s going to be a step forward or backward or just sideways”, she says.

What are your thoughts on all of this? Tune in one #vr-ar and join the discussion!

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Pandas are the new cats!

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