This week in our DJR Slack: How to tell stories with bots, emojis or gaming hypes.
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Hi everyone!

To sum this week up: it's about storytelling. Storys, that are told visual, with bots or emojis. Or even how to use a hype like Pokèmon Go (yep, it's still out there) to wrap your content around it.

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Unfortunately, I can't write more today, I have to leave my desktop computer. It's friday and I still haven't found a Pikachu.

Rock on & read you in Slack!



Embracing new languages in journalism

Channel Rockstar: @thomasweyres. Check out the channel for more or contact Thomas for questions.


Facebook is putting a lot of work (& money) into video
  • Facebook Live video API has some changes, now you can target your stream and make it unlimited (maybe we will see more Slow TV on Facebook), also you can doodle in it (just like… yep, Snapchat), look and finally, as @mattnavara informed us, streamers + viewers can now hide reactions + comments. It was about time.
  • If you have an Android phone, you can now save videos to watch offline. In related new, according to WSJ, Facebook will pay nearly two dozen YouTube creators, Vine stars and internet personalities about $2.2 million to create live broadcasts.
  • Facebook rolled out a new Page design, which seems to me a bit old school, but it is not yet visible to every user.

Channel Rockstar: @davidtvrdon. Check out the channel for more or contact David for questions.


Facebooks Messenger as a bot platform is evolving

This week there were a lot of news from Facebook again:

Channel Rockstar: @martinhoffmann. Check out the channel for more or contact Martin for questions.


Huh? You can get rid of behavioral targeting - but nobody knows yet

Channel Rockstar: @trotzendorffCheck out the channel for more or contact Florian for questions.


Now you can have Emojis on Snapchat that look like you
  • Snapchat acquired Bitmoji, an app that let's you build an avatar that looks like you, so you can have stickers that look like you. Inside Snapchat. Pretty cool.
  • And @ezraeeman shared a good read on Snapchats Memories function.

Channel Rockstar: @textautomat. Check out the channel for more or contact Anna for questions.


Are there business models in curating? "This." didn't found one

Only sad news this week:
  • This., NYC based startup that allowed its users to share a single link a day, is going offline by the end of the month. Here is an article of the founder Andrew Golis where he announces the decision: Tough news.
  • @davidvrdon added that they very quickly got big media players on the platform, while maybe the learning could be to focus on consumers first, before letting in publishers.

Channel Rockstar: @jankoenigCheck out the channel for more or contact Jan for questions.


What we can learn from Pokémon Go
  • Yep, there are a lot of business models right now based on the over-all hype Pokémon Go. But storytelling? A German tourist agency found a way: They started a crowdsourced blog telling you on which Bavarian sightseeing locations you can find rare Pokémon. Now think of all your review sections of restaurants, cafés or other spots in town. Your city's cheat sheet connected to your reviews. Might be a bestseller even behind a paywall.

Channel Rockstar: @marckt, who is still missing. Lina stood in. Check out the channel for more and find Marck!


More push and notification tools

What we read this week:

What we discussed this week:

Channel Rockstar: @tilman. Check out the channel for more or contact Tilman for questions.


Twitter is banning users who post racist comments

The most surprising, most important and - in my opinion - best news of the week hasn't been discussed in our twitter channel:

  • Milo Yiannopoulos (@nero) has been banned permanently. The Breitbart Tech writer, some call him conservative, some call him a champion of the alt-right, some call him a disgusting troll, had often initiated campaigns against feminists or blacks. This time, it was a wave of racist abuse targeting the Ghostbusters actor Leslie Jones. Of course, Yiannopoulos himself claims that this is the end of freespeech on twitter - maybe, one should tell him that repeatedly violating Twitter's anti-harassment and abuse policies is a perfectly fine reason for getting banned and that targeted online abuse isn't exactly a matter of freespeech.
  • In other news: Twitter opened the verification process for everyone (you know, the famous blue checkmark). Most people were happy, but there is also some serious criticism (e.g. this tweet and the the following tweetstorm).

Channel Rockstar: @simon. Check out the channel for more or contact Simon for questions.

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