This week in our DJR Slack: Insights in how to set up stories for Discover, new Startups and research in Storytelling.
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Hi everyone!

Do you know what I love about our Slack Community? That people from all over the world share their experiments with us.

This week, @laffargue wrote in #snapchat, his team at Le Monde just started building stories for Snapchat Discover, as the service has now arrived in France. We asked about some details and I learned a lot about how they put up their team, how they choose the publishing time, etc. How cool is that?

I'm sure everyone of you has some great insights to share about the work in your newsrooms. We'd love to read about it and learn from you! 

So rock on & read you in Slack!



The rising business of podcasts
  • Do you listen to podcasts? Or do you produce them? In both cases you should use the weekend to read this five-part series at NiemanLab about the rising business of podcasts, big brands coming in and how this will probably change the world of podcast advertising. And what role can news and journalism play? Read all five parts of “The Newsonomics of Podcasting”
  • And @tilman found an interesting piece about three ways to experiment with social audio. This is continuing a discussion we had in the #audio section: How to spread audios in Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat? And is probably YouTube the only way to get data out of it? What do you think?

Channel Rockstar: @kollege. Check out the channel for more or contact Marc for questions.


News from publishers using Instant Articles
  • Instagram is killing the photo map, which marcbiskup really liked (others apparently not so much). You can now crosspost videos to Facebook pages with different owners, reports henrik.stahl. Also read these reviews from UK publishers on FB Instant Articles.
  • A few #ONA16 news from @mattnavarra: you will be able to schedule Live Video events, you will be able to pin comments to the top of Live Video threads, there will be a new “Broadcaster” admin setting to make it easier for Page admins to give Live Video posting access to colleagues.

Channel Rockstar: @davidtvrdon. Check out the channel for more or contact David for questions.


Fake bots, a recipes bot and learning with bots

Only some minor news in the channel this week:

Channel Rockstar: @martinhoffmann. Check out the channel for more or contact Martin for questions.


 News for mobile reporting from #ONA16
  • Besides channel Rockstar @henrik.stahl ‘s shameless self-promotion, there’s not been much activity during the past two weeks. Though @andrewc_nelson encourages all of us to check out the conference ONA16 (arranged by the Online News Association) in Denver, Sept. 15-17. Got something cool to share about mobile reporting? Don’t be shy! We have cookies!

Channel Rockstar: @henrik.stahl. Check out the channel for more or contact Henrik for questions.


No more local stories on Snapchat - but Discover is now available in France
  • What we read: Snapchat is abandoning Local Stories. What do you think about it?
  • Snapchat Discover started in France and we have someone among us, who is now building stories for it. @laffargue shared with us the start of his Snapchat team at Le Monde. From now on, they will publish a story every day at 5.30 p.m. aiming for a younger audience. @laffargue promised to keep us up to date how things are going - so head over to the #snapchat channel if you have any questions!

Channel Rockstar: @textautomat. Check out the channel for more or contact Anna for questions.


Is news a branch for venture capital?

Startups we discovered:

  • “News venture for professionals” by Politico co-founder Jim VandeHei: Here’s an article by WSJ h/t @henrik.stahl

Startup discussions:

Channel Rockstar: @jankoenigCheck out the channel for more or contact Jan for questions.


Help us to get some research on 360°-Storytelling!
  • Thanks to the request to help @florian find a non-linear storytelling tool in the last DJR newsletter, @bernardscholz recommends Keep ‘em coming folks!

  • @themaastrix ‘s student is writing her master-thesis about the comparison of storytelling in text, video and 360, and asks everyone interested to fill in one of her forms. It’s in German, but that’s nothing Google Translate can’t fix. ;)

  • @geisenhanslueke is looking for a tool or platform to create a checklist for storytelling. The tool or platform should provide a simple UI. @martinhoffman suggests

  • We also had a brief discussion about the use of 360 videos and VR/AR in storytelling, and @geisenhanslueke promoted his story about the folk festival “Dult” in Regensburg. You should definitely check it out - and while you’re at it, dive in to the conversation on 360/VR/AR storytelling!

Channel Rockstar: @henrik.stahl. Check out the channel for more or contact Henrik for questions.


Audio-recording and storyspheres

Tools we posted:

Topics we discussed:

Channel Rockstar: @tilman. Check out the channel for more or contact Tilman for questions.


How to drive engagement in video - and news about the DJI Osmo

Channel Rockstar: @henrik.stahl. Check out the channel for more or contact Henrik for questions.

 GIF of the week 

Thank God the heat is over - right?

carefully selected by @textautomat. 

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